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August 15, 2011  | by: LaDawn Penigar-Mitchell

Looks from the Fall 2011 Collection of Denim & Supply

Ralph Lauren has launched a new line of apparel and premium denim called Denim & Supply that is targeted at a younger market than the typical customer. His newest label was reportedly born out of the warehouse and artistic communities of Brooklyn and has an edgier, more vintage take on the brand’s celebrated American roots, with an added emphasis on rugged, individualized style. Denim & Supply became available this past Thursday on its website and officially hit Macy’s stores across the country Friday.

The debut collection for this fall of Denim & Supply is still rooted in Lauren’s authentic American heritage but has an earthy, hipster feel with a rugged design aesthetic.

The new line is divided into three parts: Into the Wild, The Lodge and The Wharf. The eclectic vibe of the line drifts through various American genres like Navajo and nautical and captures the essence of finding a great vintage piece. Denim & Supply, which is the lower end of Lauren’s many different labels, offers denim basics, cozy sweaters, dresses, jackets, and accessories—all with a vintage-inspired, layered look that have a carefree, artistic feel. Pieces range from $39.50 to $298 but prices for apparel and accessories fall predominately between $100 and $300. “Specialty jeans” are around $200 and “core jeans” are under $100 while basic button-ups start at $70 and sweaters at $85. Unlike some of its sibling brands, which are limited to high-end department stores or boutiques, Lauren’s Denim & Supply will be sold exclusively at Macy’s and online its own website.

If you’re looking for urban-wear gear like natural fleece pullovers, knitted rag sweaters, or beat-up denim jackets that have a worn, natural feel, Denim & Supply is for you. Whether it’s a perfectly distressed pair of jeans or a soft, faded t-shirt, Lauren’s newest line is all about a weathered, vintage look but with a fresh spirit.

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