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April 02, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@alexandergold)

Twitter (@alexandergold)


It’s times like these that make me wonder why we even bother with Miley at all. Who actually cares about the Robyn haircut and the bride-of-Chucky shoe choices when we have a real pop star chilling out stage right? For any of you that have been asleep for the past half a decade, Demi Lovato is straight up where it’s at. She’s freakishly talented (in a good way), honest, hilarious, and come May 14, all we’re going to be listening to this summer.

Demi announced Monday that her new eponymous album drops in just six weeks. She also released this kinda-cool-kinda-freaky video to get us in the mood. Ch-ch-ch-check it out. (Below, duh.)

Show of hands – who saw that and thought Rihanna? The silver body paint, though it has been done many times before (Kim Kardashian in W, anyone?) made its name in pop culture lathered all over RiRi’s hot bod in her music video for “Umbrella.” And just as that song, and accompanying album Good Girl Gone Bad propelled Rihanna into musical superstardom (super star!) I see a similar trajectory for Demi unfolding.

Like Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad, this will be Demi’s third studio album. Like Britney Spears third album Britney, she titled it just after her first name. But unlike all those other queens of pop, Demi has already had her breakdowns and is surpassing those past demons with a force that can only be described as sensational.

Note the use of the word sensational as Demi’s personal and professional progress does very much appeal to our senses (namely auditory.) Her first single from Demi, “Heart Attack,” climbed to #1 in the charts with little to no hype before hand, and is currently tied with Justin Bieber’s new single “Right Here” in a poll on Billboard. The song is so catchy, even that damn goat couldn’t make people stop listening. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you’re in luck because I have both a sincerely twisted sense of humor and enough web skillz to embed a video.

Oh yeah, you’re welcome.

Back to the point. Demi’s renaissance is just around the corner. While Miley went off the rails and Selena got lost in endless relationship drama, Demi’s post-Disney career is shaping up to be the most enticing of all. I mean, three years post-mouseketeer and releasing an album cover where she is topless and covered in glitter? Things are looking up for Demi Lovato, and I don’t just mean the radio volume when her song comes on.

How excited are you for Demi’s new Demi?

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