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April 02, 2012  | by: Terralynn Fortune

Demetria Garland

Demetria Garland, 21-year-old Miami native, believes that a girl can’t go wrong with red lip stick, wedges and a cross body bag. A senior at Florida State University, Demetria is a ‘go hard or go home’ type of girl, attributing this moment in her life as the time to find herself and have fun doing it. Her style definitely states that she likes to party and that she’s open to new and upcoming trends.

What celebrities do you look up to for fashion inspiration?
Amber Rose and Rihanna are absolutely my favorite. They push fashion to the limit with their bright colors and bold accessories. I’m always forced to think outside the box whenever I see them on tabloids. In my opinion they are some of the hottest women out right now. And I guess the Kardashian sisters are pretty cool too.

Before you walk out the door, to take on the night, what key accessory must you absolutely have?
My cross body bag or clutch. Whenever I go out it’s a must to have some sort of bag to carry my mirror, lip stick, license, cash and iPhone. Never leave your house without your purse, that’s rule number one.

What trends do you see are becoming really popular and which one is your favorite?
Now that the sun is out there are a lot of pool parties. All of the girls are wearing solid colored mix matched swimming suits and I love it! Everyone is also wearing neon colors and feather earrings, which is also becoming really popular. Right now, I really like this turban/head piece era we’re falling into. Every girl should at least have something to tie on her head.

Demetria and her legendary MAC matte lipstick: Russian Red

When going out what matters the most, being comfortable or having a stylish flair?
In my head style and fashion aren’t about being comfortable, it’s about pushing the limits and wearing what you want to wear, whether it hurts or not. If I had to pick the hottest 5-inch heels that were a little too tight over the simple flats, I’m definitely going for the heels.

Demetria's wearing a polka dotted top with sheer chest-Forever21, Black blazer-BCBG, charcoal high waisted shorts-Urban Outfitters, sheer leggings-Forever21 and lace up booties-

If you could use one word to describe your style what would be and why?
Chicly Fresh! I like to keep up with new styles and I like to see what looks I can come up with, without replicating someone else’s outfit. When I walk outside I want people to say “Wow that’s cute! I never would have thought of putting that top with those bottoms.

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