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August 02, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (kristenstewart)

Instagram (kristenstewart)


It’s a given by now that you either love Kristen Stewart, or you don’t. Either way, she won’t take any more crap from the media; more specifically, the picky paparazzi who apparently don’t even deserve to share the same air with her.

From her looks and relationships, down to her acting skills and personality, Stewart’s been denigrated at just about every angle throughout her entire career. As if the pressures of having to uphold the glorious image of Bella Swan on and off screen weren’t strenuous enough, her private problems are even more publicized.

It’s difficult for young actresses to be taken seriously these days, especially when they are not representing some sort of sex symbol. Stewart’s rise to fame is often reduced and overlooked because of her “strange” look (mostly referring to her one-dimensional smile) and “poor” sense of personality.

Instagram (kristenstewart)

Instagram (kristenstewart)


The signature roles she has taken on, and incredible actors she has worked with mean nothing, especially once the camera stops rolling. Even after fifteen years, her name remains splattered all over the tabloids. Whether it be about her iffy relationship with Robert Pattinson, her choice of clothing or alluding to illegitimate affairs, she’s under constant criticism.

I know what you’re thinking: What makes her any different from the Amanda Bynes or the Lindsay Lohans of our time, who are pretty much fronting the whole “cray cray” trend? I think the difference is that Stewart is spotlighted for merely being herself and the media does an incredible job of taking advantage of this kind of vulnerability. Heidi Montag, for instance, was once the au naturel babe from The Hills, envied by her then bestie Lauren Conrad. That was until she succumbed to the “plastic-pectations” of Hollywood, undergoing surgery which left her looking unrecognizable.

K. Stew, on the other hand, hasn’t allowed fame to get the best of her, and has obviously created a mantra out of Ashlee Simpson’s lyrics: “Hollywood sucks you in/ but it won’t spit me out.” Stewart isn’t paving an anti-celeb trend, or any other Hollywood trend, which makes her a threat. She’s being herself.

Instagram (kristenstewart)

Instagram (kristenstewart)


If being herself means smiling for the paps like she stubbed her toe while walking the red carpet, wearing some flashy Vera Wang dress when she’d rather rock an Iron Maiden T to the Academy Awards, then so be it. And so what if she lashes out at people who invade her privacy unannounced, being blinded by the camera flashes when she simply wants to relax after a long day of filming? Everyone has their breaking point.

She may not be the most bubbly girl in the room, or the girl with the best hair, or clothing or manners when the media starts swarming but isn’t that what we should emulate? Her genuineness?

The same girl who can flip you the bird for crowding her space could just as easily become the chick to portray the iconic Joan Jett or Snow White. Not to discredit other actresses who behave according to ladylike convention, but Stewart represents a brand of fame that is raw. She’s human and has done nothing to disrupt the order of stardom and does a darn good job of maintaining who she is whether we like it or not.

Do you think Stewart’s authenticity will help or hinder her career?

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