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May 23, 2011  | by: Katherine Polanco

Dee Ferguson

James Bond and Dee Ferguson, the 21 year-old mastermind behind the Devoni clothing line, have one thing in common: they never sleep on the job.  Dee Ferguson, also known as Dee Ferg or Ferg, is turning his round-the-clock dedication to fashion into a profitable and popular company, outfitting clients like Chris Brown and Cory Gunz.

Dee Ferguson was born and raised in Harlem, New York City. He is creative, inventive, innovative, and original.  For Ferg, it’s the only way to live in the city of dreams.

Ferg’s love for fashion and designing began early on in life. As early as junior high school, Ferg enjoyed drawing and began specialized art classes that allowed him to create a portfolio to get into the high school of Art & Design.  Once enrolled, he studied watercolor painting, fashion illustration, abstract art and sewing classes that further developed, improved and shaped his creative thoughts.

Dee Ferg never wanted to be in uniform with everyone else.  He says, “Anything trendy I went the opposite direction.”  Inspired by “vintage or innovative styles,” his creative form of fashion was something he felt he could express on a daily basis. His body would become a canvas. He feels fashion can transform a person into being a new character everyday, with your clothes helping you to become whoever you want to be.

Devoni T-shirts and Belts

Studying different genres of art had a major impact on Ferg’s creativity and it can be seen in every single one of the pieces he designs, from hand-made belts to t-shirts and bracelets.  Ferg has designed belts and t-shirts for musicians and artists such as J.Cole, Ludacris, Jim Jones, Diggy Simmons, Chris Brown, and more.

Chris Brown in Devoni

Being from Harlem, Ferg was inspired by the entrepreneurs he watched as he grew up. These entrepreneurs drove nice cars and were elegantly styled.  Ferguson says, “They’re the ones who shined through the darkness…came out on top with the big lofty apartments and growing empires.”

These entrepreneurs wore tailored suits and shoes to complete their fancy look. However, what completed the man was his ambition and his ability to make something out of nothing, an ethos that was replicated in the hip hop world Ferg now clothes.

“I’m inspired by hip hop artists who reach for their dreams,” says Ferguson.  “I just love to see them being documented and interviewed. And they talk about where they are in their life now and the places they used to be and where they came from, that’s true inspiration.”

Dee Ferguson first began his brand designing leather belts. Any fatigue designs or distressing on the belt, Dee Ferg did by hand.  After receiving overwhelming admiration for his work (and his belts hugging J.Cole’s hips), Ferguson’s creations continue to grow, branching out into a T-shirt line.

Ferg's King Tut Bracelet

The T-shirt line sports Devoni’s logo. Instead of the typical straightforward logo, Devoni’s logo is the word “Devoni” written for the creative mind.  Now, Ferguson’s moving back into accessories with the King Tut bracelet.

The King Tut bracelet, first seen on the wrist of Chris Brown, is eye-catching, eccentric and idiosyncratic. This bracelet speaks in different volumes.  For the piece, Dee Ferguson was inspired by ancient Egypt.  He’s made a masterpiece of these beautiful gold African beads and Egyptian charms.

“Right now my focus is to get others to feel the passion that I have behind creating these pieces because I love each and every piece as if it were my own,” says Ferg.

So what does the future hold for Devoni?

21 years young and still planning to grow with his brand,  Devoni, the future holds nothing but greatness for Dee Ferguson, due in part to his talent and eye for creativity, but also to an amazing drive and motivation.

A Devoni Model

Want to check out Devoni’s wares and read more about the brand? Visit the Devoni Workshop.

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