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July 13, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Twitter (washingtonpost)

Twitter (washingtonpost)

Dear SyFy Channel,

Thank you.

Despite the fact that almost everything about you – except maybe your reality shows – suck, your creative team has somehow, time and time again, continued to push the fringes of creativity. Your latest TV movie, Sharknado, is no different; in fact, not only was the damn thing original, but it was awesome in its own special light.

You forced us, SyFy Channel… you forced us to suspend disbelief for just one moment and to immerse ourselves in a world where hurricanes can single out an entire animal species and carry them towards Los Angeles. You made us believe that sharks can chomp away on human beings in just a few bites before completely depositing of them in their stomachs. Most of all however, you made us believe that Tara Reid is still totally relevant.

No other channel can do that like you can, SyFy.

Creativity aside, you’ve miraculously brought a subculture of Americans together. In an age where the internet clumps together communities through the intricacies of social media and memes, it is hard to find a single thing to focus on when there are so many bigger issues at hand. The Boston bomber went to court just recently, and the Zimmerman case is drawing to an end. All the while, equal rights activists nationwide are fighting the good fight. But you, SyFy, you’ve bridged a gap… even if it meant obliterating the 405 freeway with a shark infested tornado. For almost two hours, Twitter blew up with talks of Sharknado and the media was quick to followup. It even trended! What other SyFy original flick has pulled off such a feat?

Aside from the faults – you know, the crappy CGI, the whack acting, the almost too cheesy moments – Sharknado was a success. A roaring, whirlwind of a hit that reminds us of what home entertainment really is all about.

I can’t wait for Whale Niño.



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