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October 24, 2011  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

Dave Barz

Dave Barz has a true loyalty to rapping and the music that he has created. Growing up in Bridgeport, CT, some people would assume that rapping would be the last thing Barz would do. But his rhyming skills are major and, on top of that, he is a producer. Barz’s double talents have put him ahead of the rest and soon everyone will be rhyming along with his songs. In the midst of promoting his newest album, Glaciers, while producing and preparing for his next album, I got the chance to talk with Barz about his music, goals and what is in the future for Dave Barz. Check out the interview below:

-What was your inspiration to do music?

I’ve been involved with music pretty much my whole life. My mom started me off with the piano at age 5. Over the years, I developed more passion for the art form which led me to producing and working with various instruments. Growing up listening to artists such as Wu-Tang, KRS and Mobb Deep is really what inspired me to go from writing rhymes for fun to something I to this day take seriously. Musically, I let life in general, personal experiences and world events influence my lyrics.

-What are you currently working on? Future plans?

Recently, I released my latest album ‘Glaciers’ for free digitally via my website, www.davebarz.com. Make sure you all visit the site so you can stream or download the album in its entirety. I am currently working with Tennessee based producer Armored Sound on a EP titled ‘Battlefield’, which is based on the idea of a dedication record to all the US troops. The lead single will be in stores shortly. I am also working on the sequel to ‘Glaciers’ which I’m expecting to release 1st quarter 2012. Be sure to visit www.davebarz.com for the release dates.

-What would you like your listeners to get from your music?

A true Hip Hop experience. There is no gimmick, no catch, no flash in the pan single with me. Listeners will get a wide range of topics as well as a wide range of production styles on all of my projects. A lot of new artists are setting themselves up for failure by emerging within trends. I don’t follow trends, I do me, which gives the listener a chance to relate to someone.

-If you could work with anyone in the industry, who would it be and why?

That’s a tough call. Even after all these years, Aaliyah is still one of my favorite artists of all time. So on that note, once I’m in the right position in my career, I will be reaching out to Timbaland and Missy. In the meantime, I’m praying I can get the opportunity to be a part of something of hers that has been unreleased. I don’t care if I just add a bass line to a track. Just to be a part of one song with her would be a monumental accomplishment.

-Anything you would like our readers to know about you?

I’m just like all of you, a person with goals in life, and I thank you all for all of the support. I do music because I love it and with it I hope to provide you all with something you’ll enjoy. Be sure to get the latest album ‘Glaciers’ for free at www.davebarz.com and feel free to follow me on twitter, @davebarz.

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