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May 16, 2013  | by: Jara Montez



It’s an age old tale. Undiscovered talent goes through various hoops and fluffy challenges on a TV show entitled, “Making The Band”. The winners become superstars overnight under the realm of mega mogul: Diddy. Huge success. One major hit. Then, similar to Amanda Bynes’ sanity, they disappear. No longer famous. Now left to pick up the pieces of their once successful lifestyle. Repeat. Fifty times. Shoutout to Diddy for his consistency.

But it appears the girl group, Danity Kane is out to prove the “Making the Band Curse” wrong. TMZ reported that the girls are in fact rumored to be staging a comeback…sans Diddy.

The video shows Aubrey, Aundrea, Shannon and Dawn (sorry, looks like D. Woods won’t be part of this) initially getting lost on their way to Maggiano’s. Some guy in the background actually had to tell them where the restaurant was because they had no idea where they where going. Great start.





Not much is said during the entire interview. In typical Danity Kane fashion, Aubrey is annoyingly smug in the front, Shannon is still super random, and Dawn is there as an example of what not to wear. Then, as soon as they’re asked if they’re working with Diddy, in unison they all scoff and one them actually goes “Who’s that?!” , oh-so-sarcastically. Burn, baby, burn.

I’m all for this reunion. I honestly really liked Danity Kane. DAMAGED (damaged). DAMAGED (damaged). I THOUGHT THAT I SHOULD LET YOU KNOWWW.

But here’s where I’m concerned: they will be BLACKLISTED LIKE NO OTHER. Diddy built the group with his own hands, and subsequently destroyed it. He’s not going to be super peachy about the group he created off to make money without him. I can see it now; producers, managers and choreographers not wanting to do business with the girls because they don’t want to get on Diddy’s bad side. Unfair? 100%. But I guarantee this is how it’s going to go down.

Do you think Danity Kane (I doubt that will still be their name) will have a shot at a second chance? Or will the wrath of Diddy strike this down before it has a chance to go anywhere?

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