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April 20, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (BBCR1)

Twitter (BBCR1)


Whoever is organizing the campaign for Daft Punk’s upcoming fourth studio album deserves a pay raise for a job well done. Fans got a first taste of the album – entitled Random Access Memories – a month ago in the form of a tantalizing 15-second advert that teased an absolutely groovy track during an episode of Saturday Night Live. And ever since then, that track  - “Get Lucky” – has been heavily teased in what many would say the “old-fashioned way”: giant billboards, cinematic-worthy television spots and even a segment during Coachella last weekend have all assisted in keeping the song forever in my head.

On Friday, the radio edit of the track (which features the smooth vocalizations of Pharrell Williams and the guitar work of Nile Rogers) was officially released after weeks of shoddy remixes and bootleg variations circulating online. “Get Lucky” is an undeniable throwback classic that blends the modern with the classicality of the past.

Simply put, it’s pure funk but for the electronic music scene. The newly released images of Daft Punk - futuristic space helmets and all – donning glittery, vintage-inspired suits (provided by French label, Saint Laurent) further reinforces the marriage between the two encompassing genres.

In a recent interview, Daft Punk took time to clarify that they don’t necessarily wish to go back in time with the aptly titled Random Access Memories, but are instead attempting to find “that invisible line between classics.” And it seems like they already achieved that feat with “Get Lucky,” considering the addictive track seems to hold an immortal quality, much like the tunes found on the disco floor back in the day or Michael Jackson’s masterly “Rock Me” (which Pharrell seems to channel with his irresistible falsetto.)

What do you think of “Get Lucky”? Love it or hate it? Listen below!

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