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May 22, 2012  | by: Jasmine Roscoe




Brandy might be the unofficial comeback kid of 2012, but there’s another popular 90s artist creeping back onto the scene. Fans have been craving new music from this soul artist and it’s finally time for him to deliver.

Known as one of the pillars of the Neo-Soul movement, singer D’Angelo is making his way back into the spotlight. Although he’s only released two studio albums, the Grammy Award-winning artist made a huge impact on the music industry during his heyday and his comeback is already in full effect. The smooth crooner kicked off 2012 with a short European tour that gave hope to fans who had been yearning for his return for over a decade. It appears that the hope wasn’t in vain. At the beginning of the month, Essence announced that the singer would be performing at their annual music festival in July. A few days ago, it was also revealed that D’Angelo will be part of the hush-hush lineup for Jay-Z’s Made in America festival this Labor Day weekend. Finally, in an incredible interview with GQ magazine, D’Angelo confirms a new album is on the horizon.

D’Angelo bares it all in the interview and gives insight into his separation from the music world. After his jaw-dropping, controversial video “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”, D’Angelo felt suffocated by the pressure and fell into a few headlining crises worthy of Olivia Pope’s services. Friends and fans feared the musician was heading down the same path of destruction many musical geniuses seem to follow. While the talented artist confesses he handles his demons one day at a time, he guarantees that his head is now “straight.”

D'Angelo in GQ 2012

D'Angelo in GQ 2012

In a world where pop dominates, is it possible for D’Angelo to take the industry by storm again? Without a doubt. Back in 2009, fellow Neo-Soul leader Maxwell released his fourth album BLACKsummers’night after almost a 10-year hiatus. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, produced 4 successful hits, earned the singer six Grammy nominations and two wins.

Even though I was barely in school when D’Angelo’s debut Brown Sugar was released and less than mature during his Voodoo days, both albums are frequently in rotation on my iTunes library. Like everyone else, I am more than ready for new music from D’Angelo. Although the album’s release date, title and tracklist are still up in the air, I expect this project to be nothing short of legendary.

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