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December 17, 2012  | by: Angela Gamba



Miley Cyrus may have shocked fans with a drastic haircut earlier this year, but her latest appearance in Borgore’s music video “Decisions” has everyone talking. Cyrus and Asaf Borgore, a dupstep DJ from Israel, surprised their fans back in August by revealing that Cyrus is the female vocalist on “Decisions.” Since then, the two have  released a very entertaining music video. Just last week, Cyrus performed the song with Borgore (and two strippers) in Los Angeles.

A lot of news outlets, like USA Today, are criticizing Cyrus for her new style and for performing on stage with Borgore’s nude dancers. Although I don’t think the outfit was very flattering on her, the presence of strippers is not a big deal–at least for Borgore. He is known for showing up to his performances with strippers, and it’s not like Miley was the one stripping! Critics have to remember that she is not Hanna Montana anymore.

(The Huffington Post)


Some entertainment critics are questioning whether Cyrus’ new style is, “Edgy or just plain weird,” but I am a fan. I think she looks great! Everyone needs to remember that Cyrus is no longer a Disney star, and her fans have grown up as well. Cyrus fans, who call themselves “Smilers,” approve of her new style and love the song.

Whether you like the song or not, you have to admit the collaboration is genius. Cyrus has gained new Smilers that avoided her music because of her Disney reputation, and Borgore has gained thousands of fans who had never even heard of him before. I think it is great to see these talented musicians working together!

Cyrus has a wedding and new album in the works that everyone is excited for. As for Borgore, we can only wonder what is next. I think it is safe to say that you will be seeing more of him.

What do you think of “Decisions?” Watch the video and leave your comments below!


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