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March 29, 2013  | by: Joanne Wu
Flickr (Rachel Heath)

Flickr (Rachel Heath)


Crop tops are making a comeback! However, I don’t know whether to be excited or slightly worried about this trend. Crop tops are possibly the trickiest trend to master. There’s not many people who can rock it correctly, unless you have a flat tummy and a tall figure, or in another words, models.

But there’s just something about these tops that appeals to us, that makes it so casually sexy. It’s like something you can just throw on at the last minute, but still look awesome.

And not to mention, it works for all occasions. Wear it casually with a bikini underneath to the beach? Check.

Flickr (Mulher Negra & Cia.)

Flickr (Mulher Negra & Cia.)


Dress it up with a pencil skirt to go out on the town with the girls? Double check.

Twitter (DawnDelRusso)

Twitter (DawnDelRusso)

Crop tops are so versatile that it goes with everything and anything. 

Could this possibly be the result of our obsession with abs? Boobs were the erogenous zones in the 90s, and then it was all about the legs. Now, we pride ourselves on our tightly, toned stomachs. Six pack abs were once called ‘unfeminine,’ but now it’s something to boast about. This also comes with the sudden popularity in yoga and pilates, and other core exercises.

I, for one, am excited about this trend coming back. But was it ever not in style? Seems to me, people still wear it regardless if it’s in style or not. It’s like a part of our daily wear. It’s so versatile, that you can wear it every day with a different something, and be able to get away with it. Not saying that that’s recommended, but it’s doable.

Afraid of showing too much? Maybe a slight muffin top to hide? That’s okay, you can always pair it with shorts with a higher waistline. I actually prefer that anyways, it’s classier.

What do you think about this crop top trend? Would you be wearing one?

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