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May 30, 2011  | by: LaDawn Penigar-Mitchell

Crochet on the Gucci Runway

Crochet, once a hippie-associated trend suffering from years of decline, has a refreshing new look and feel that’s ultra-trendy. The fashion revival of crochet — reintroduced from the popular 1970s style — has been gaining a lot of popularity recently because it offers a bohemian allure that will give a simple yet chic vibe to any outfit. Crochet garnered a lot of attention this past runway season with designers from Ralph Lauren to Gucci showcasing chic fashion-forward dresses, skirts, hats and more using fabrics and textures imitating the beauty of the handmade design. Crochet pieces may have hippie inspirations, but the aesthetic is still luxurious with a modern sense of refinement.

Shoshanna Crochet Cover-Up

There is a huge variety of crochet clothing available to choose from, and any girl can easily create a classy and hobo chic outfit using crochet as the dominant material. It’s a simple way to look authentic with a soft and feminine appeal.  Crochet is perfect because it reveals just enough without flashing too much skin. It offers a great feminine silhouette with sophisticated detailing that ultimately creates a flirty summer outfit with a hint of sex appeal.  Feel free to sport crochet clothing if you have the proper attitude of highlighting your curves and figure.

Choose from the tightly knit outfits for a classy, delicate effect or show more skin by opting to wear some of the more revealing textures and designs.

Crochet has also been seen in conjunction with beachwear. Because it often can have a very open weave, crochet is being marketed as an ideal accompaniment to beachwear. An open weave crochet dress can be perfect for layering over any type of swimwear.

Vivienne Tam's Boho Crochet

Several looks can be achieved with crochet: go for a modern, sexy look through a stark, minimalist approach with a mini dress, pair crochet pieces in earthy tones with tribal prints or create a boho luxe look that’s high impact with crochet ending in exaggerated fringe.

The crochet fashion trend encourages women to wear boho chic inspired clothes that will add a more sophisticated and versatile twist to their summer clothing. Those who are brave enough to rock this daring but stylish look will immediately be satisfied with the beauty of this complex pattern and its intricacy, quality and edginess. Crochet can easily be a way to perk up your wardrobe for wearing fashion pieces with a classic bohemian vibe. If you find crochet an interesting choice to incorporate into your latest look, your clothing style will instantly transform into a simple but inspiring one that is perfect for summer.

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