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June 20, 2010  | by: Terri-Ann Malgieri

Khloé Kardashian

Crochet sweaters, tops and dresses are no longer just for the grandma-chic fashionistas out there. Now more than ever thanks to the stylish and timeless Karl Lagerfeld, among others, there is now reason to bring crochet accents into your summer wardrobe. While it may not be a must-have item for every closet, many adventurist ladies should dip into this look without hesitation for a chic ensemble that can take you from day to night.

While this took a step on the runway during several Spring/Summer 2010 shows, it made its latest debut on several fashion blogs including the Trend Report of Who What Wear Daily, a Celebrity Style Blog by two expert stylists, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr. Now, nearly a month after their initial report on this upcoming trend for summer days, it has trickled from fashion houses like Chanel down to the stores gals on a budget love like Anthropologie and Forever 21.

The simple net construction can be worked each and every way by its wearer and whether you are searching for music-festival chic, loose top with leggings, or a night out on the town, crochet dress with ankle boots, don’t be afraid to enjoy the ease and simplicity of this look. Remember: the most stylish women will say comfort is the key to looking your best.

The biggest issue many women have with a trend is that it is just that, a trend. Most stylists would agree that to splurge on a trend is wasteful for its lack of longevity; however, this look of crochet accents and ensembles will not be short-lived as it is a piece that can bring you through all seasons. A simple vest can be worn easily in the winter over a long-sleeve blouse just as it can be repeated in the summertime over your tank top for a casual daytime look .

Take notes from your favorite gals like Alexa Chung, Khloé Kardashian (pictured above) and Rachel Bilson as they have taken the look through its many facets with ease. It’s a lacy look but has a touch of femininity in every piece of clothing and now accessories are popping up such as shoes, handbags and earrings as well. This versatile and interesting staple creeps up each year, despite the temperatures outside, and is sure to stay as a favorite.

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