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March 05, 2011  | by: Vanessa Douglas

Courtney Love can't stay out of trouble

Courtney Love, everyone’s favorite (?) bad girl, has just settled a suite with fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir which cost her about $430,000. The debacle started in 2009 when the two women began to dispute over twitter (which is obviously the best way to settle a disagreement).
Apparently there was a situation involving a $4000 payment over some of the designer’s clothing. She accused Love of defamation when the singer posted inappropriate tweets about Simorangkir, and from then, the issue spiraled out of control.

According to the Hollywood Reporter,

Love argued that her rantings were merely an expression of opinion and that Simorangkir could not prove how they damaged her. The fashion designer, on the other hand, pointed to Love’s influence as an entertainer and the power of social media to disseminate damaging comments, including that Simorangkir was an “asswipe nasty lying hosebag thief.”

While it is not surprising that Love is involved in another controversial issue, this does show us the influence that social media have in this day and age. Courtney is completely responsible for actions, the method through which she insulted Simorangkir is becoming more and more common. People are using Twitter, Facebook, and previously MySpace (though, that is so passe), to settle their scores.

Though these sites give all of us a way to connect with one another, we are also learning to hide behind a profile and attack others. In Love’s case, rather than meet the designer and settle the situation in a civil manner, she chose to address her indirectly, and a misunderstanding became an entire lawsuit. Issues such as these are becoming commonplace, but we can’t continue to solve our problems via the internet.

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