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May 25, 2011  | by: LaDawn Penigar-Mitchell

Asos Printed Caftan

Coral is undoubtedly this season’s most summery shade. The upbeat color is fresh and chic and a fabulous and bright alternative to your average pink, orange and red hues.  The various shades of this striking color have been popular in everything from clothing to accessories and cosmetics. Also, this past runway season saw no shortage of coral clothing, lips and nails on the catwalk, as designers like Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch used different tones of coral ranging from pinkish-orange to coral red to make their collections pop.

Nordstrom Carole Beaded Necklace

Anthropologie Blouse

Coral has a lovely feminine appeal and would certainly add a touch of fun and vibrancy to your summer wardrobe.

It helps that the color is also beautiful and will complement all skin tones.  Many people believe that coral looks best on darker or olive skinned people but that isn’t the truth. You certainly do not have to sport a summer tan to have coral look outstanding on your skin.

Coral is a queen on the color wheel and comes in a wide range of shades; this variety makes it great for mixing and matching.  The orange hues mixed with the pinky reds really makes coral a wonderful choice no matter your skin tone and will make a girl absolutely glow.  Whether you prefer orange, pink, red or even peach, there is no problem finding the right shade of coral that is best for you.  The color can look stylish and great on anyone, but the secret is learning how to effectively wear it.

Kate Spade Skirt

It’s important to match coral up with the right color scheme, but it is not difficult. Coral is a versatile color that can go along nicely with many other different colors and summer shades. Gold, white and sea green are just a few options that would make complementary pairings. Turquoise is an especially excellent match-up — the two colors look mesmerizing when paired together. If you wear a solid coral top or dress, gold and turquoise accessories look stellar.

If you find yourself still being slightly hesitant about wearing coral, implement it into your summer wardrobe on a smaller scale. A delicate scarf, coral necklace or earrings or belt are small but effective ways to accessorize any outfit for a subtler summer look that’s still fashionable.

MAC Lady Danger

Plus, a girl can always opt to buy coral nail polish and lipstick, which are great applications of the color. Coral is really a hot shade of lipstick for summer and will work with most of the trendy colors we’ve seen in clothing and accessories.

Expand your color palette with coral and incorporate it into your summer wardrobe or beauty regime. It is one of the summer’s hottest color trends that will add a spark of flirty femininity that you were wanting to add to your look. There is no risk with applying this color to some of your hottest pieces because coral is surprisingly wearable and not dull or drab. It’s an exciting color to play around with and you can choose whether to make your look more bright or neutral. The softness and warmth of coral disguises a color that truly makes a bold statement.

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