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April 27, 2013  | by: Kaitlyn Vella
Twitter (@CodylsMyDrug)

Twitter (@CodylsMyDrug)


It seems as if teen male singers have been on the rise lately and while Cody Simpson isn’t necessarily new to the scene, he definitely fits the category. This 16-year-old Australian heartthrob has won the hearts of thousands (or millions judging by his Twitter followers!) of girls and evidently has won even more with his new music video for his single “Pretty Brown Eyes.”

I’ve known who Simpson was for quite some time now, but I honestly have never sat down and watched one of his music videos or listened in-depthly to one of his songs. Now that I have, though? I definitely see the appeal.

For starters, this Australian boy can sing. And not only that, but he also has his own unique sound and style. Any new, young male artist on the rise is undoubtably going to be compared to Justin Bieber these days; it’s just a given. Cody Simpson doesn’t remind me anything of Bieber, though. He didn’t take the easy way out in trying to mimic Bieber’s style, but instead took it into his own hands to become the artist he wanted to be.

Secondly, the boy is super adorable. Just from watching this one music video alone, it is clear why all the girls are swooning over him. Who doesn’t love an Australian, tanned boy with a guitar? Let’s be real here.

When it comes to the actual music video for this single, there were a few things I loved and a few things I could have done without. I liked the whole concept of the video, which was just a pool party on a nice sunny afternoon with some friends. It looked like everyone was enjoying themselves, having a fun time and just goofing around. I was totally jealous that I wasn’t invited to the set of the music video to join in on the fun, but that’s besides the point.

The music video also had many instances, though, where there would be little drawings on the people or outlining figures or adding features to their clothing, etc. It mimicked that of taking a crayon or marker and adding to a scene that was already there. While I get where they were going with this and while I do understand that it was creative, it often distracted me from the actual video and song. I often found myself cluttered and overwhelmed by all the movement of the drawings that I couldn’t actually focus on what was going on.

All in all, though, I think Simpson has a really bright future ahead of himself. He has a huge fan-base, an already successful and established career and the talent and drive to push himself to go even further. I’m sure after listening to this song, many people wished they had “pretty brown eyes” themselves. I know I did!

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