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March 12, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran

Flickr (DeusXFlorida)


If you open up any top magazine this week, you may see something that will surprise you: Diet Coke ads featuring the one and only Marc Jacobs. Jacobs, who is currently creative director of Coca-Cola, is featured holding a bottle opener on top of which sits model Ginta Lapina. The ads have been created for the “Sparkling Together for 30 Years” campaign, a campaign which also includes three different coke cans, each one designed to correspond to one of the three decades Coca-Cola is celebrating.

The cans themselves feature a model in a tuxedo and top hat, a model in a hot pink bustier dress and sky high stilettos, and a model covered from head to toe in different colored stripes. Each can has some sort of pattern falling from top to bottom: polka dots, bow ties and birds. To me, these patterns almost look like confetti at a festival and give the designs a kind of circus feel to them. The cans definitely have a fun feel to them. The designs are simple but, colorful, young looking and very classic, exactly the way I view Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion line and a perfect reflection of the style of the typical Marc Jacobs girl.

Hiring a major fashion celebrity as creative director of Coca-Cola is, in my opinion, a great idea. The Coca-Cola company is a huge business, and the fashion industry is a huge industry. The two have so much power and when combined, they can accomplish anything. Marc Jacobs demonstrates this positive power through these most recent Coke cans. The bottle featuring the model in a tuxedo and top hat is meant to celebrate the power of women. As a woman, women’s rights are something that is very important to me. To have an image of a female model in an outfit that is generally worn by a man, on a can of soda that is one of the most distributed in the world, is something that I find to be empowering and an amazing demonstration of how far women have come.

Google Images (commons.wikimedia.org)

Google Images (commons.wikimedia.org)



I also think this collaboration is a great idea because it makes fashion a bit more available to everyone. Designer clothes and accessories are expensive, and the fashion industry itself can be intimidating. Coca-Cola however is  inexpensive, is available to most people and is the opposite of intimidating; coca cola is comforting, it is satisfying. Collaborating with one another gives each business in areas that the other lacks, Marc Jacobs and the fashion industry in general become more laid back, where as Coca-Cola becomes more luxurious. Together, the two become perfect.

Although the ads were released this week, the cans will not be released until next month. Although this seems like a long ways away, I believe the wait will be well worth it. I am very excited to take a sip of cold, refreshing Coca-Cola from a beautifully designed Marc Jacobs can.

What do you think of the Marc Jacobs Coca-Cola cans?

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