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January 26, 2012  | by: Martha Adjei

The Closet Swap phone app lets you search and swap clothing on the go!

There’s a new iPhone app that lets you borrow, swap and trade items from your closet for items in someone else’s. The program is called Closet Swap, and this UK-based social-media-driven application recently made itself a snazzy phone app for closet swapping on-the-go.

Closet Swap started out an online program that lets you swap clothing from the comfort of your own Facebook page. The new iPhone app allows you to look for cities or trading areas using the application’s state-of-the-art mapping system to look for other clothing swappers in your area – totally perfect for the swap-shopper on the go.

The app is a great extension of Closet Swap’s mission to promote sustainability and encourage us to save, share and discover other ways to find what we need without causing unecessary stress to the environment. (It takes a lot of energy to make clothes – think of how many gallons of water or pounds of cotton it takes just to make one T-shirt!)

I’m very excited about this ground-breaking eco phone app -needing a last minute blazer for that unplanned interview or quick change for an unexpected date is a must these days, so why shouldn’t our save-the-earth habits complement our increasingly busy lifestyle? I’m all for clothing swap, and I’m hoping that this app catches on so they can make one for the United States! I’m already looking forward to not having to buy another pair of nude heels ever again.

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