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April 25, 2013  | by: Jara Montez


For some reason,  as if written in the stars, Ciara’s music career tumbled off the face of the earth after her second album. She had huge hits like “Goodies” and “1,2 Step”, but all of a sudden…POOF! Faster than the speed of a Belieber catching eye of Justin in the street, we forgot about her. And she tried (like three more times) to make a comeback. To no avail. But now! Oh, but now! It might actually work this time!

Ciara released the visuals to her new single, “Body Party” earlier this week, reminding us that the general public has absolutely no chance of being able to dance like her, and that she really fancies her new boo, rapper, Future.

Side Note: If you are from Atlanta, there is a 97% chance that you were in this video. A-Town in the hizzay!

First and foremost, CIARA IS THE BEE’S KNEES OF DANCING. We realized that in the video for “Goodies”, but then “Ride” came out, and everyone, mouth agape, was like “WHAAAAT”. All the girls wanted to dance like her, all the guys wanted to be with her. How in the world is your tush even able to do these things? I  have cried and cried to my mother over and over again, “Whyyyyyy can’t I dance like Ciara?! Whyyyyyy do I look like squid as I attempt to emulate her?!”

Moving on to the actual narrative of the video…

It starts off similar to her “Promise” video, where there’s a whole bunch of  isolated shots of her sensually dancing for the camera.

We move to the core of the video, which is the actual party. As we enter the house, who is the first person we see? Well none other than her real life lover boy, Future, of course! Cheesy? As a Cheez-it. But it was well executed, so I’ll let it slide.

Ciara makes her way to the couch, debates about actually sitting down, then decides not to. Instead she’s all like, “I’m just gonna dance”. And she does, all by herself…but then you realize the two random girls grinding on the couch are intended to be her backup dancers, not what they appear to be…random girls grinding on the couch.

This is the part where it gets awkward because Future creepily starts starring/nodding/stroking his chin at Ciara as she booty pops on the floor…

Then we arrive at the greatest part of the video. She’s outside talking to a friend and who else but Future pops up! Then they engage in the most ridiculous dialogue of any music video I’ve ever seen!

Future: “You know you gon’ be mine, right?”

Ciara: “Oh, is that right? How you know?”

“I saw it!”


“They don’t call me the Future for no reason”


I wasn’t sure if my laughs during this were due to it being sooooo incredibly awkward to watch, or if it was really just that hilarious. I suppose all you pick-up line skeptics were proved wrong today, because these things seem to actually work! Frankly, I probably could’ve found better flirting at a middle school lunch table, but for the sake of the video, it was successful. Very bizarre, but successful.



Then Future gets the lap dance of his life. The end.

Was it the most phenomenal video? No, not especially. But the song and the dancing (emphasis on the dancing) are enough to get Ciara back in our brains….fingers crossed.

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