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February 05, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran

flickr (Urbanicsgroup)

This season, “Girls” actor Christopher Abbott will be having a second on screen moment as he stars in Free People’s new ad campaign. The ads will be in the form of both video and pictorial, and will depict a love story that begins when a musician, (Christopher Abbott), runs into his old crush, (model Sheila Marquez). The two spend the day touring Brooklyn, New York City.

The clothes featured on Marquez can all be purchased at Free People, and the romantic ways in which they are displayed are more touching then just seeing clothing draped over a store mannequin. The clothes are part of a story, a story that makes one believe that if they themselves wear the lace lingerie, flowing white dresses and off shoulder blouses, they too will look incredibly cool and, if not fall in love, at least be lusted after.

One of the main reason why the TV show, “Girls” is so popular, is because it is relatable. Viewers look at the characters on the screen and see a little bit of themselves. Where “Girls” is relatable, Free People is dreamy and beautiful. By pairing the two opposites together, I believe the creators intended to draw viewers in through the familiarity of the show “Girls”, and keep them there to buy by showcasing the beauty of Free People.

Although potentially a successful idea, in this case, the creators did not pull off this technique because of the lack of one essential thing: the awkwardness that is portrayed in “Girls.” “Girls is relatable because not all of the characters are made to look drop dead gorgeous. The characters aren’t always wearing the perfect outfits, and they don’t make the best decisions. They are all a little bit desperate, a little bit selfish, their personalities a little bit ugly. The Free People advertisements are all beautiful, and they tell a story that captures the viewer, but they don’t remind the viewers of themselves. Once the short video is over, it’s over. It touches us in the moment, but nothing that lasts, nothing that differentiates this piece of film from the ordinary beautiful but superficial advertisement.

What do you think of Free People’s new advertisements?

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