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February 02, 2012  | by: Terralynn Fortune

The Humble and Multipurpose Scarf

Since the beginning, scarves have added feminine flair to every woman’s ensemble. Whether placed around the shoulders, tied around the neck or knotted on the head, scarves add the final touch. Nowadays, there are a variety of designs, sizes and styles to choose from. Remember to choose one that’s stylish yet speaks about your personal style statement.

Types of scarves:

Circle/Infinity Scarves are definitely trending this season. For a simple yet forward fashion look, these are a must have. Not much knotting or tying needs to be done here, but what’s fun are the double-sided two-toned scarves that give you double the trouble with two splashes of contrasting color.

Triangular Scarves are not new, but for this season, these scarves have been approved in bright colors and eye-catching prints. If you want to add a jazzy feel to any button-up collared blouse or semi-formal look, then this is the way to go.

Oversized Scarves are the most popular trend. There’s just so much fabric, you can do anything with these scarves. They add beautiful draping looks to any denim casual appearance and add a hint of elegance.

Regular Rectangle Scarves are classic and I’m sure everyone has these stashed somewhere in their closet. There are thick wool scarves used in cool temperatures, and then there are skinny thin scarves used to create a chic look.

Scarves come in many shapes, patterns, textures and prints; it’s impossible to not have fun with them.

Tips on using and styling scarves:

  • With a winter coat, you could use a fringed, long scarf made of wool, knit, blends or cashmere. A fresh and bright color will add a lot of life to this ensemble, and it can be tied around your neck to give a good look.
  • To get that sophisticated image, wear mild colored, contrasting and light-material-based scarves.
  • For eveningwear, a pashmina shawl wrapped delicately around the shoulders is the best bet.
  • If you wish to add color and need warmth at the same time, try a bright colored, large-sized scarf or shawl. Fling the scarf or shawl over each side of your shoulder. To keep it in place, you could use a brooch.
  • Use thin scarves with tops or jackets that snugly fit the body. Combining a loose fitting shirt with a skinny scarf is not a good look.
  • Remember to select colors and textures that are contrasting, yet not unpleasantly bright. An exact color scarf and top is boring and very unimaginative.

Styles to consider:

Instead of doing the usual bow tie add a new twist to it.

Casual Swing, Butterfly Wrap & Slip Knot

 Using scarves as head wraps has become the biggest trend of this year.

Rosette Turban & Crown Wrap

  Looks best with skirts and high waist pants.

Knotted Belt

   With a nice blouse this classic look will never get old.

Bandana Wrap

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