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August 31, 2012  | by: Martha Adjei and Cheryl Cole

British pop sensation Cheryl Cole and award-winning producer Will.IAm are OK after car crash, says The Huffington Post. The two were in LA riding back from the studio yesterday at 3:30 am when, who was driving, crashed into a parked car. 

Cheryl, who was sitting opposite William, ended up with a blood nose and mouth, allegedly hitting her head on the dash board from the impact. The Sun says also had a bloody nose from hitting the air bag on the driver’s side, full- force. Sources say that no air bag was inflated on Cheryl’s side. Although the two music stars ended up being okay, they both suffered face injuries. was seen reaching across to Cheryl’s side to make sure she was okay after the crash.

“Both seemed shaken but were checking each other over. They both had nose bleeds and at least one of the airbags had deployed”, said an on-looker told The Sun. Since the accident, the two have tweeted to let fans know they they are both alright.Police soon arrived and everyone was told to move back. It was only when stepped out I realized who he was and that the passenger was Cheryl.’s main concern was Cheryl.”

I’m glad that Cheryl and seem to be doing alright. Fans would have been so upset to know that two pop music icons could have had such a tragic end. Hopefully Will gets his airbag checked out.. and maybe it would help to leave the studio a little earlier.

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