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August 12, 2011  | by: Roselyn Sebastian

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas Coming Soon

It’s that time of year again, where we eagerly watch movie trailers for the holiday season. The trailer that looks the most promising is A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. Not even the White House could keep Kal Penn away from this movie.

Our favorite stoners have already conquered White Castle and Guantanamo Bay, and now they’re taking on Santa Claus in this holiday themed sequel In the beginning of the sequel, Harold and Kumar lead separate lives, with Harold taking a corporate job and a wife, but when Kumar receives a mysterious package, the two best friends are reunited on an adventure.

The trailer pokes fun at the 3D craze  with Harold saying: “Hasn’t the whole 3D thing jumped the shark already?”

The movie seems to have all the traditional hijinks we expect from Harold and Kumar.  Kumar hot boxes a car with a little kid inside; there’s a scenario where both Harold and Kumar end up in their underwear, a car chase, and the inevitable ridiculous reunion with Neil Patrick Harris.  Other highlights include: Harold shooting Father Christmas in the face, Neil Patrick Harris in a Christmas Spectacular, and Harold and Kumar in claymation.

Aside from all the inevitable Christmas jokes, the film looks like a lot of fun. The trailer culminates with Harold, Kumar, and NPH in a Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  If there’s something more Christmas that, I don’t know what it is.

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