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June 04, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Twitter (TheRealCharice)

Twitter (TheRealCharice)

Filipino talk-show host Boy Abunda went straight for the jugular and asked former glee star and singer Charice Pempengco, who was toting significantly shorter hair and less than feminine attire, if she was a lesbian.  The star had given a prior interview, thanking fans for sticking with her, but never really came out with it. That was up until she was featured on the Buzz.

Yes, Charice is a lesbian.

[youtube lv2dTBM9pcM]

“To those who could accept, and who could accept me, thank you very, very much,” she said. “I just want to say to all of you that I feel very light – that I can leave the house knowing I am not hiding anything. I love myself, that’s why I’m able to do this.”

But before giving thanks, she did apologize to “those who don’t understand” and “those who cannot accept.”

While it’s admirable that Pempengco bravely stepped out of her comfort zone to come out to the public, we should take a lesson in her message and the apology she gave. Why do we care so much about whether or not someone is gay?

The Pyramid singer follows in the footsteps of NBA player Jason Collins who came out in April. Like the basketball player, Pempengco riled up the media, a clear indicator that being gay or lesbian is a game changer for careers. The media and the fans of Pempengco should not focus on her sexual orientation – but rather her music and her message. So far, Pempengco hasn’t done anything that desires negative publicity.

We should support our gay and lesbian community within all industries and not be so on-the-surface with our judgment. A recurring fear celebrities face is that they won’t find work because of their sexual orientation – and many times, because of that, roles do become harder to take seriously when you know the character playing that role is gay. Other times however, being gay or lesbian is not so transparent. Despite being a lesbian, Cynthia Nixon carried her character Miranda throughout Sex and the City.

Let’s focus on the talent for now – and Pempengco has a lot of that.

What do you guys think of Pempengco’s decision to come out?

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