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May 18, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Flickr (The Heart Truth)

Flickr (The Heart Truth)


A lot of celebs have already gone cray cray, and we’re not even halfway through with the year. From Twitter tirades and sex scandals to trouble with media publications, 2013 is definitely the year of “The Struggling Celebrity.”

However, all problems come with a solution. Here are three celebs in desperate need of an image adjustment, and a few helpful hints to assist them along the way:

Amanda Bynes - Where does one start with this girl? Well, for starters, Bynes has been having a not-so-great year: eating disorder admissions, a Drake fixation leading to an explicit tell-all and battling the media’s ill-portrayal of her in both the public and digital eye. Lately, the Easy A star has been keeping more than just her name in the papers, flaunting her assets and snapping selfies of her nearly naked body. Amanda, Please! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Solution: Put away the iPhone, and ditch the MacBook for a while. In the meantime, work on your confidence, and learn to love yourself carefree of what media publications imply.

Farrah Abraham - This year, the aspiring model, recent author and hopeless Teen Mom made a rather dramatic transition from our television screens to the porno scene. I’m not so disturbed with Abraham creating the sex tape as I am with her motives behind its development: “A lot of my girlfriends who are back home have done personal sexy shots, sexual videos … showing their sexuality and being happy for themselves,” she told Entertainment Tonight. To sell yourself simply to fit in with your friends, and to make that statement to the public, was in my opinion, foolish.

Solution: Even though this type of behavior shouldn’t be advocated, at least she was paid. My advice: use that money to establish a foundation for you and your daughter. Take something negative and use it to build an edifice of meaning for your family.

Flickr (The405)

Flickr (The405)


Azealia Banks - This last one is almost too easy. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Yung Rapunxel’s movement and her avant-garde, witch-hop groove is to die for. But that sassy attitude has got to go, now. Being a freshly-pampered artist on the scene, promoting her music should be Banks’ top priority, and not Twitter beefin’. Among the long list of her Twitter victims are: Rita Ora, Angel Haze and just recently (one of my new fave bands) Marina and The Diamonds. Unacceptable, Banks.

Solution: Let your record label manage your Twitter account from now on, and focus on dropping that album that was supposedly pushed back, again. Or you really might just become Broke With Expensive Taste.

What are your thoughts on all the craziness going on this year?

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