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March 29, 2012  | by: Terralynn Fortune

Celebs are accessorizing with chokers on and off the red carpet.

Lately many celebs are being seen with bold choker neckpieces, and it’s definitely becoming a trend. Dominating the accessories market and adding flair to any outfit, chokers are definitely a hit item.This year will be all about classic choker pieces for the spring and natural choker pieces for fall collections. When wearing a choker, it’s best you throw it on when you’re going strapless or when your attire allows your neckline to be free. If you want a more tailored look, you can even wear it with a collared button-up shirt, having the choker peek underneath the collar.

Many are lost on how to style this look, so here are a few tips:

What you shouldn't do: Her earrings are so big that they become a distraction from the choker.

Chokers take up most of the space around your neckline, so avoid wearing big and bold earrings because it draws eyes away from your neckpiece. Check out Amber Rose!

Chokers can come big, but they might also have a vintage flair or urban look about them. When you have a big piece, adding a bold cuff or oversized ring will definitely help balance out that big choker.

If you want a more contemporary look, your best bet is to keep it simple. Make your choker stand out from everything else you’re wearing. Instead of adding accessories, combine chokers with textures, layering or prints.

What you should do! Her studs don't take away from the gold clustered choker.

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