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March 28, 2013  | by: Kasey Kilinski
Flickr (amidala64)

Flickr (amidala64)


A few celebrities, some of which are from popular shows, including “Lost,” “The Office” and “The Lying Game,” teamed up to spread the word about a good cause in a recently released PSA.

Jorge Garcia, Kate Flannery, Stephen Collins, Adrian Pasdar, Jason O’Mara and Greg Grunberg are some of those who appear in this three minute long message.

The message encourages everyone to buy toys for children this Easter and “take a bite out of chocolate bunny extinction.” Or in other words, they want to save your children from problems like obesity, cavities and diabetes. Toys promote children’s creativity and helps them grow to shape the person they become. Did you realize all those barbies and action figures you played with did all that? But replacing toys with candy can stir up some bad habbits that will be tough to break later on in life. And lets face it, candy has probably brought toy sales down. And these toy companies want you to buy their products!

I think that this is a good message either way. Kids love toys and don’t need to worry about getting teased for being fat or go through the pain of having cavities and vise versa. Life is painful enough! Let them play with toys as long as possible before you have to worry about all the crap that comes next! Let them be kids!

I also think it is perfectly okay to give children candy and ice cream occasionally, but definitely in moderation. An entire Easter basket full of tasty treats may not be the best of ideas. And I think this adorable PSA was the perfect way of saying all that, without actually saying any of it. Well done!

Visit SaveChocolateBunnies.com for more details!


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