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December 24, 2012  | by: Jara Montez

In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings, discourse of gun control has reached an all time high. The country is still distraught over the death of school staff, and children at Sandy Hook Elementary, and are expecting changes. To make the demand for change that much more significant, celebrities, musicians, and the like have teamed up with Demand a Plan, a campaign aligned with Mayors Against Illegal Guns. 

The stars are featured in a minute long PSA highlighting past shootings in the U.S., and what we as a country can do to try and solve the current crisis.

The influence celebrities have is noted, and is used as a tool of publicity and advocacy. There was a reason the KONY 2012 video asked all those well-known individuals to promote the video. And it worked.

The celebrities in the Demand a Plan PSA range from actors like Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel to musicians John Legend and Beyonce (who has had quite a major year in social and political commentary). What’s interesting to observe is that these are generally the same faces we  see coupled with highly debated issues like presidential elections, animal cruelty, and  gay marriage. The majority of the stars featured were young (Hey, Selena Gomez), which obviously caters to the Millennial generation, who tend to focus on social change.

Yet, despite our alliances in politics, or other contentious issues, it’s refreshing to see celebrities using their notoriety in a beneficial way.

To get involved with Demand a Plan, visit their website. In addition, take a look at other ways Hollywood stars are lending their hands in various causes.

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