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February 04, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Flickr (Taja Whitted)


On the street you can always find fashion at its finest because real people have the best style.  Here a few good looking New Yorker’s showing off their style in winter’s cold. more…

August 13, 2012  | by: Caitlyn Gallip

Haille Norris

What makes the style of Haille Norris so adorable? The answer lies in Old Navy. As a student at the University of Missouri and employee at the retail chain, she understands the importance of frugal shopping and incredible style.


July 16, 2012  | by: Lauren Kuhl

At a grad party in NJ

While a festive ambiance, great company, and cake are all the makings of a successful graduation party, so are the outfit choices of its guests. Call me crazy, or maybe just fashion-obsessed, but I always look forward to social gatherings for the sole purpose of dressing up. In this issue of Chic Street, I was lucky to sit down with some similarly minded ladies whose unique style and flare for fashion caught my eye. Read on to get the low-down on their fashion inspiration, advice for successful dressing and more! As always, buckle up your bedazzled belts, readers! It’s going to be a wild ride down Chic Street. more…

July 09, 2012  | by: Anissa Pierre

Nate Perkins in a plaid button down shirt and Ray Ban sunglasses

When asked three words to describe his style, Boston native Nate Perkins chooses the words simple, classic, and minimalistic. A Communications major at Gordon College in Massachusetts, Nate has set his eyes on being a journalist. One of his career goals are to work at men’s magazine GQ, for which he has faithfully subscribed to for the past few years.  In high school he was known for wearing blazers, loafers, and his signature bow ties to create his polished look; as winner of the Best Dressed superlative in high school, its safe to say that Nate knows a things or two about fashion. more…

June 25, 2012  | by: Anissa Pierre

Me before the concert

I don’t know about everyone else, but when I have somewhere really exciting to go to, I plan my outfit at least a week before it happens.  The Childish Gambino concert that I had tickets for was no exception. But I was facing a problem: how do I fit in with the laid back following of an artist, while still keeping true to my style, which is kind of dressy? As a person who obsesses on how they look, this was a serious question. more…

June 11, 2012  | by: Lauren Kuhl

Katie's Stylin' in Summit, NJ

Casually elegant, and trendily classic; these two oxymorons quite succinctly sum up this week’s stylin’ fashionista. In this week’s Chic Street, rising Lehigh University freshman, Katie Cobuzzi, talks about her style inspirations, favorite shopping haunts, and even plays a game of “Would You Rather?” Buckle up your bedazzled belts, readers! It’s going to be a wild ride down Chic Street. more…

June 04, 2012  | by: Mashal Zaman

Homah in a blue dress from Hailey Logan

Homah Naim is a 17-year-old New Yorker who wants to stand out from the crowd. She accomplishes this by wearing trendy, eye-popping outfits. more…

May 28, 2012  | by: Caitlyn Gallip

April Butler

Poised, classic and fun are the perfect words to describe April Butler. This 19 year old college student brings a care-free attitude and a fun-loving heart into everything she does, including her style. While attending Western Kentucky University you can spot April hitting the golf course (as she plays for WKU) or hitting the books. No matter what her setting, expect her style to always be put together.

How would you describe your everyday style?

I have always wanted my everyday style to look effortless. I like wearing a lot of dresses and skirts and I want to feel as though I can just throw something on. I really like to think of my everyday style as girly and feminine with a little bit of an edge but not trying to be straight out sexy.

Are there any celebrities or stores that you particularly watch when it comes to fashion?

I don’t really have one particular influence on my style. I like to think that if I like something I’ll buy it regardless of where it’s from and as long as it’s not too pricey. Forever 21, though a little cliché, usually has a lot of great styles and clothes and they’re not too expensive. I can generally get style ideas from going through all of their different styles of clothes.

Lets talk about the shoes; what drew them you to them?

Honestly, the sparkly flashy shoes are not something that I would generally go for or consider them to be ‘my style.’ But something about them gave that girly and feminine quality I explained before, and I felt like I could try to pair them with some cute dresses and it would add a little flash and edge to my outfit.

Do you normally follow trends? If so what are your favorite trends for this summer season?

Trends usually give me some ideas that I can work into my outfits and style. This summer I like the looser shorter tops, (the ones that aren’t crop tops but are a little shorter than regular tops) paired with a cute skirt or pair of shorts. It again feels effortless and seems to be a relaxed summer style. I also like tank tops tucked into a simple or cute skirt and it gives a girly but more dressed up feel to it.

What kind of style tips could you give readers who like to stay active?

In my golf outfits, even when they’re not the cutest ( like having to wear a golf short, golf skort, hat, etc) I always try to add a little girly touch to my outfit. A lot of times I will tie a ribbon in my ponytail that coordinates with my golf shirt, or sometimes I add a braid or put in a cute pair of stud earrings. I feel like it is enough to express your own sense of style while still sticking with the uniform or still being on active clothes.

May 21, 2012  | by: Latonya Darrisaw

Sarah Cole

When Sarah Cole walks into a room, people take notice. If the height or gorgeous mane of wild and untamed hair doesn’t cause you to stare, maybe her eclectic, easy and carefree bohemian style will. The 23-year-old Alabama native is finishing up her master’s degree at the University of Alabama, but in her spare time, she loves shopping at thrift stores. Feathers and headbands usually complete her look, but what makes Sarah unique is that she doesn’t let high-end designer labels or the latest trends define her. more…

April 30, 2012  | by: Wendy Vazquez

Maria Garcia

Winter is finally over, and now we get our big chance to finally break into spring! But transitioning your wardrobe might be hard. Maria Garcia helps us get our feet wet and tackle our closets. The Atlantic City native, and mother of one is not only dedicated to fashion, but has managed to develop her own outlook as well, despite her crazy schedule. Finding a time for fashion is what it’s all about! more…