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May 03, 2013  | by: Aanchal Jiwrajka
Twitter (huffingtonpost)

Twitter (huffingtonpost)


Over the past few years, designers and trends have been influenced by the past eras. We saw the 60s, 70s and even the dreadful 80s make a comeback in the last year.  But in 2013, we have seen the era that most of us have actually seen ourselves — the nineties.  more…

May 01, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Twitter (@fashionistNE)

Twitter (@fashionistNE)


With spring here and summer on its way, its time to ditch the comfy winter sweats and for this season’s hottest trends. Although you may have all spring 2013 must-have pieces, if you do not pay attention to style detail none of it matters.


May 01, 2013  | by: Lisa Lefever
Twitter (@DCArecruitment)

Twitter (@DCArecruitment)


Have you ever had a job interview or an important meeting and in the process of getting ready you completely destroyed your closet trying to find the perfect outfit? Then, after all the chaos, you settled for a boring pair of black slacks and a white button-down. We have all been there. But now, there is no need for hectic mornings like that. Here is my simple guide to putting together the perfect interview outfit while incorporating some of the hottest trends – may you never have your closet spread out on the floor again! more…

March 28, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Flickr (Tajaw)


A new trend is arising in the streets of Manhattan, and that is the camel coat. Formerly New Yorkers are known for wearing dark colors and outfits consisting of black, this season that appears to be changing. more…

March 25, 2013  | by: Lisa Lefever
Twitter (@Fab)

Twitter (Fab)


The wait is finally over for the pre-fall ’13 Saturday Collection from Kate Spade — and the best part is most of the pieces are reasonably priced under $130, almost half of the price of Kate Spade’s other pieces. The collection includes bright colored skinny jeans, chic handbags and satchels, and even accessories for the home. more…

March 18, 2013  | by: Aanchal Jiwrajka
Twitter (Dior)

Twitter (Dior)


Last week, I attended some great lectures on design and architecture at the India Design Forum. A few people asked me, “As a fashion student, why are you attending these lectures and how are they helping you?” While trying to figure out an answer to this posed question, I figured that design, architecture, and fashion, all have one thing (of the many other things) in common – proportion, and  it plays a very integral role in any form of design. more…

March 18, 2013  | by: Lisa Lefever
Pinterest (lisalefever)

Pinterest (lisalefever)


Now I love my stilettos, pumps and wedges just as much as the next girl, but lately I have taken a second look at sneakers with this huge influx of cute sporty shoes on the runways and at my favorite stores. Every girl needs to give her feet a break once in a while and now it can be done stylishly!  more…

March 11, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Flickr ( Maegan)

Flickr (…love Maegan)


Spring is definitely on its way. It’s time to swap out the bulky winter sweaters and exchange them for colorful prints and bold floral pieces of spring. Adding a few trendy accessories or revamping your color pallet will do the trick! If you cannot wait for the drastic temperature hikes to show some skin and embrace spring 2013 fashion, start your wardrobe transition today by following these critical steps. more…

February 16, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Flickr (TajaW)


What does a skate boarder, a store manager, and a subway passenger  have in common? New York street style of course! As the weekend approaches New Yorkers stepped out in their most casual attire. more…

January 30, 2013  | by: Aanchal Jiwrajka
alexander mcqueen

alexander mcqueen

After the 50s, 70s and the much influential 90s, velvet is going through a renaissance. While on one hand it invokes feelings of schoolgirl with hair bows and Christmas Carol on Broadway, it channels seventeenth century grandeur as well. But this winter, this trend has taken a new take and I already love the royal touch that it’s adding on the recent runways.   more…