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February 06, 2013  | by: Lisa Lefever
Flickr (kato©)

Flickr (kato©)

In all the anticipation for the fashions that will be on the runway later this week, I want to highlight some of the models that will be delivering us fall’s hottest looks. It was not too long ago that models, and aspiring models alike, were running around the streets of New York in hopes of landing a top spot on designer’s runways for New York’s Fashion Week and now they are busy preparing for the first steps down the runway on Thursday. I’ve researched and found some models that you should keep an eye out for. more…

January 30, 2013  | by: Sydney Ruby
Creative Commons (Georges Biard)

Creative Commons (Georges Biard)


Girl crush is an understatement when it comes to blossoming Victoria’s Secret Model, Barbara Palvin. The nineteen year old, Hungarian model has definitely been proving herself over last couple of weeks. Although she has been modeling for a couple of years now, Palvin made her big debut in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that aired in December 2012. more…

January 22, 2013  | by: Emilie Moran

William Lords

According to the LVMH financial report, in the past year, Louis Vuitton corporations recorded a revenue of 19.9 billion euros. This highly regarded company is one that is known across the globe with stores located on every one of the five continents. With each new season, consumers eagerly await the visual announcement of the Louis Vuitton ads and the models they feature. more…

January 18, 2013  | by: Lisa Lefever



Superstorm Sandy shook New York City to the very core. The damages total more than $63 billion dollars and countless lives were taken. More would have suffered if not for the bravery of the first responders to the disaster. Vogue decided to dedicate a piece to the heroes, appropriately titled “Storm Troupers,” in their February issue. more…

January 07, 2013  | by: Martha Adjei



This may be the first record-breaking news of the New Year.

Runway supermodel Fei Fei Sun from Hebei, China became the first Asian model to cover Italian Vogue, according the DailyMail. more…

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December 31, 2012  | by: Amanda Jones

Antonina Vasylchenko


Antonina, or Tonya, Vasylchenko is a 17-year-old Ukrainian model who is making serious waves in the industry but still relatively unknown by the public. This dark-haired, green-eyed beauty is hard to track down and gives very few interviews. However, her anonymity among the public hasn’t stopped designers from reaching out to her. more…

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December 19, 2012  | by: Amanda Jones

cK One campaign


British badboy Rob Evans was making a name for himself as a boxer, with an impressive list of wins, when he was discovered in 2010. From that first fashion season he was apart of, it was clear he was going to be a force to be reckoned with. The rest of the world seemed to catch on quickly and catapult Rob into little explored territory. There arguably hasn’t been a Black male model with such fame since Tyson Beckford, so it’s no shock he’s seen so much interest. more…

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December 10, 2012  | by: Amanda Jones


Born to an African mother and Polish father, 21-year-old Anais Mali is a biracial beauty that is taking off in the fashion industry right now. Hailing all the way from Toulon, France this young star has lived in New York since 2009 when she signed to Wilhelmina Models. more…

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December 03, 2012  | by: Amanda Jones

Photo via Benetton – Sebastian on right

25-year-old Sebastian Sauvé, a self-described goofball, is a hot commodity in the fashion world right now. A Michigan native, but raised in England, this gorgeous blond was discovered by a guy at a hostel while on a college vacation with his girlfriend and has been working ever since. more…

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October 22, 2012  | by: Amanda Jones

Amanda Smith

California born Amanda Smith already stands out from other models. At 5’8 she’s a bit shorter than your average model, with bright red hair and a pale, but freckled complexion. However, this rising model wants to set herself apart just a bit more. Amanda has barely gotten her feet wet in the fashion industry, but she’s already looking to branch out into music as well. more…