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July 11, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted
Flickr (Tellusfashion)

Flickr (Tellusfashion)


A major trend in fashion this summer is one that is takes inspiration from different eras in fashion history. Walking down the streets of New York City, it is intriguing to see how these fashionistas take styles from past eras and make them their own.


July 06, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@GUESS)

Twitter (@GUESS)


Turn on, tune in, drop out… and do it all in style. While the emergence of fashionable technology has been upon us for a while now, the influence seemed to sway in only one direction. Fashion influenced technology, never the reverse. But as of late, the accessory everyone has been clamoring over, every brand has been replicating, and every blogger has been hyping, is a chic pair of headphones. Have the tides turned in the battle between the influence of technology and fashion? Potentially. More importantly however, are headphones really the (magna carta) holy grail of accessories, or just a passing craze?


July 04, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@MTVstyle)

Twitter (@MTVstyle)


On 364 days of the year, wearing any combination of red, white, and blue is typical, colorful fashion. It’s easy and it’s common. Yet on July 4th, these three colors are so loaded with symbolism and bursting with American pride that an outfit that was once easy to select now seems impossible and tacky in the most antagonistic way. more…

July 02, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (kendalljenner)

Instagram (kendalljenner)


From those gorgeous lengthy legs to her stellar bod, Kendall Jenner is model material all the way. By the looks of the 17-year-old’s Instagram pics alone, surely she’s put together quite the impressive portfolio that would leave even Miranda Kerr in awe of Jenner’s picturesque beauty.

June 27, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@NorWEIRDgian)

Twitter (@NorWEIRDgian)


Do you have your ears pierced? Assuming you’re American, the chance you’ll say yes is 83 percent. The chance you’ll have more than one piercing per ear is 13 percent. The chance you’ll have a piercing somewhere besides your ear is 14 percent. Regardless of which category you fall into, the trends don’t lie. As trend-guru and unfailing-quote-generator Rachel Zoe would say, piercings are majorly having a moment right now. They’re bananas. more…

June 20, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

The weather is quite unpredictable these days, but the fashionistas of New York City are still working their style by sporting one important accessory, the umbrella. more…

June 08, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@LaetitiaMourad)

Twitter (@LaetitiaMourad)


Celebrity/ designer collaborations have become a victim of ubiquity. Every brand has a celebrity alter-ego serving as spokesperson, creative force, and ultimately – selling point. Unfortunately for both the fashion industry and the millions of pliable entities of the consumerist generation, willing to go from consumer to customer with one swipe of their ever-weary credit card, celebrity association does not a chic collection make. But there are exceptions: times when a star is just so perfectly aligned with their brand it almost seems an instance of astrological intervention.  For example, Sarah Jessica Parker’s upcoming shoe line created with Manolo Blahnik. Could you die? more…

June 08, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@KarlLagerfeld)

Twitter (@KarlLagerfeld)


He is loved, he is hated, he is lionized, he is vilified, and he is celebrated. About the only thing legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld isn’t, is ignored. Never one to keep his (often controversial, never apologetic) opinions to himself, the creative force behind Chanel has been causing a stir for decades with his commentary, whether it be on weight issues, politics, or his beloved Diet Coke. more…

June 01, 2013  | by: Jara Montez



Rihanna’s well received MAC Lipstick, went from Riri Woo to Riri Why Do I Have Herpes, in a matter of weeks.

Starkeema Greenidge, a New York waitress claims that while visiting a MAC pop-up shop at Rihanna’s concert, she contracted Herpes from having Riri Woo applied to her lips by a MAC representative. She states that the representative neglected to warn her that multiple other concert-goers also tried on the same lipstick. more…

May 28, 2013  | by: Leigh Badrigian
Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 5.32.57 PM

Flickr (Angel Cabrera)


Tom Cruise has got a seriously hot friend, and you know how the saying goes…”Friends help hot friends get Hollywood movie careers”…or something like that.

So that’s exactly what ageless-mega-movie-action-star Tom Cruise is doing for his good pal, David Beckham! At least that’s what Perez Hilton is saying.  more…