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April 30, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (FlorrieMusic)

Twitter (FlorrieMusic)


English musician Florrie (born Florence Arnold) is a blonde beauty, and it’s easy to get distracted by her gorgeous face and impeccable fashion sense. But don’t be fooled: Florrie’s not just your ordinary pretty girl rocker. She’s a multi-talented force to be reckoned with, considering she’s a heavyweight in the music business as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Oh, and she’s beast on the drums as well. more…

March 18, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (Mamappelsap_)

Twitter (Mamappelsap_)


When I first heard of 20-year-old English singer Conor Maynard, I was a little reluctant to dive head first into his music. But let’s face it, I have a serious problem when it comes to pop music if it comes straight from the United Kingdom. My addiction is sort of like a raging virus, and the fact that most of these musicians happen to be incredibly attractive – in that horribly distracting way – isn’t helping my affliction either. One Direction has literally wrecked my life, but that’s another story for another day.


March 04, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (sarah_lechard)

Twitter (sarah_lechard)


The opening track of rapper Hoodie Allen‘s mixtape, Crew Cuts, begins with the aptly titled “Let Me Be Me,” a song that sees the 24-year-old ex-Google employee and Ivy League graduate rapping about what makes him, well, himself. A delicate piano refrain introduces Allen, born Steven Markowitz, before he starts more…

February 25, 2013  | by: Tania Lasenburg
Tumblr (brittanysmooch28)

Tumblr (brittanysmooch28)


Rappers and singers come into the industry almost daily. However, there comes a time when someone special stands out and forces the crowd to notice; that time has come with Brittany Smooch. more…

February 13, 2013  | by: Kasey Kilinski




Referred to as a dub step “legend,” Rednek is not your average musical artist. He was raised by a Jamaican family in London and always knew music was his future. His style stretches across genres, such as dub, rock, punk and step, instead of sticking to the same old boring beat. more…

January 28, 2013  | by: Joanne Wu
Flickr (Michael Boon)

Flickr (Michael Boon)


Produced and funded all on her own, Arden Cho released her first official 9-track album, My True Happy, via iTunes on January 22, 2013. Previous to this release date, she’s been starring in several guest roles in television shows and movies. But more specifically, she’s more known for her weekly YouTube videos on her channel.


January 14, 2013  | by: Tania Lasenburg



In a time and age when house music and dub step rule the world, it is hard to find music that is truly original. But it isn’t impossible. Shy Girls is a seven piece band with singer Dan Vidmar leading the way. more…

December 17, 2012  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

Gilbere Forte’s lyrical content is one that can never be exchanged, dismissed or confused for another. more…

December 10, 2012  | by: Rebeka Silva

Via YouTube

Gean “Snatch” Henriquez is an artist, not a rapper. To him, the difference is that an artist creates music and a rapper is just raps on a beat. Sitting in his living room, with his three closest friends walking in and out of the apartment, Snatch wears a hand-sown beanie with a teddy bear on the front that he bought from a Mexican artisan in Downtown. He talks about his flow, which he labels as SnatchFloww, and when he speaks, his head and hands follow the rhythm of his words. more…

August 27, 2012  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

Rockie Fresh

There is some sort of intergalactic vibe that you get while listening to Rockie Fresh. His flow has a futuristic twist with a hint of punk-rock to it that most just can’t quite get right. Catching the eyes of big timers Joel & Benji Madden of Good Charlotte, Patrick Stump from Fall out Boy and Rick Ross, it is obvious that the young rapper has been set on a high pedestal. Most would call him a rebel with a cause but in all reality he’s a rapper from Chicago with a story to tell. So gather around everyone cause this is going to be a good one. more…