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May 28, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Flickr (bp fallon)

Flickr (bp fallon)


The fashion world is not enough for Cara Delevingne. At just 20 years old, she has captivated the modeling industry with her wide arrange of facial expressions, extensive beanie collection, particular way of making tiger suit onesies not look ridiculous, and oh yeah… those eyebrows. She’s got our eyes and hearts… and now she’s coming for our ears.

Rumor has it Cara is in talks to sign with Jay Z’s label Roc Nation. After meeting the rapper backstage at one of Beyonce’s shows in London earlier this year, Delevingne is working the connection to forge a music career of her own.

Friends in the right places. Twitter (@MissKellyO)

Friends in the right places.
Twitter (@MissKellyO)



She’s also been receiving assistance and advice from close friends Rihanna and Rita Ora, according to an anonymous source who spoke to The Sun about the model’s move into music. The source said, “Cara is desperate for a music career and has had a lot of advice from Rihanna and Rita. Now they have passed her demos to their managers Tyran ‘Ty Ty’ Smith and Jay Brown, who run Roc Nation with Jay Z.”

Sounds promising for the model, but the question remains… is this even a good idea? Can she even sing?

Economically speaking, certainly. Delevingne is a hot commodity right now. She’s managed to make herself known for both her personality and her looks, so promoting her music would be almost effortless. She’s Cara Delevingne. People want what she’s selling.

As for whether or not she’s a worthwhile singer – the model is reportedly the voice behind this advertisement, so judge that as you may.

All things considered, this is a canny career move for Delevingne. She’s not yet 21, so she’s got a few more years of modeling in her, but seeing how quickly that industry recycles it girls (remember Gemma Ward? Yeah, we barely do either…), branching out while she’s at her peak is highly strategic. In addition to a small role in this past year’s “Anna Karenina,” Delevingne is also looking for more movies to become involved with. Busy girl!

Between her modeling, her constant tabloid presence, and two potential careers in film and music, we’ll certainly be seeing a lot more of Delevingne. And with a face like this, who’s complaining?

Would you listen to music by Cara Delevingne?

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