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October 07, 2011  | by: Kyle Edwards

Could This Be the End of the Simpsons?

The Simpsons has been a staple in American households for as long as I’ve had a beating heart, but these days, things have been looking pretty blue for the mustard-yellow family. On top of declining ratings and dismal reviews, it has now been reported that the long-running animated series faces cancellation. Fox executives are threatening to pull the show from the air if the cast and crew don’t accept a 45% pay cut in order to save costs incurred by the show’s poor performance.

The show’s producers have already accepted the salary reduction in order to give the series a proper finale, but Fox executives eagerly await the decision of the show’s main cast.

Fox’s ultimate motive is the syndication of the series, which stands to make around $1.5 million for the rights of each episode (that’s about $750 million total). The resulting profit would also equal roughly a $0.10 raise in News Corp stock, padding the wallets of their shareholders.

Sure, it’s sad news when such a staple of American television may crumble before our very eyes, especially after the jaw-dropping accomplishment of 25 straight seasons on the air. But we’re talking about a full generation of viewers between the series’ inception and the worn-out, limping program it is today. Television is changing, viewers expect something vibrant and youthful, but The Simpsons is just a crotchety old man on his front porch.

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