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April 13, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (V2NiaLee)

Twitter (V2NiaLee)


Psy captivated the entire country – and world – last summer with his infectious hit, “Gangnam Style,” a song with an irresistibly charming dance to boot. In what seemed like an instant, everyone knew who the Korean star was, thanks to a predictable flurry of overexposure (his song was on the top of the charts for weeks and its equally popular music video is currently the most viewed clip in YouTube history, beating out Justin Bieber.)

However, despite Psy’s overwhelming success, many critics have placed bets on his imminent ”one-hit wonder” status. In his native South Korea, Psy faces no trouble raking in number one singles: he’s already used to that type of treatment, and was receiving it before he captured the entire world’s attention. But what about securing the hearts of the entire world?

Psy’s booming follow-up single, “Gentleman,” is his move to overcome the challenges set against him. In a lot of ways, the single resembles “Gangnam Style”: the repetitive lyrical structure (“I’m a mother-father Gentleman!” over and over again) specifically crafted for addiction; the hypnotic electropop beat; and Psy’s trademark snark sprinkled throughout (the few decipherable English lyrics: “Damn girl; you’re so freakin’ sexy!” and “Gonna’ make you sweat/ Gonna’ make you wet /You know who I am.”)

It looks like Psy is selling his own brand of well-behaved bachelor with “Gentleman.”  The single is formulaic at best, but still stands as an acceptable follow-up to “Gangnam Style,” despite the track’s obvious shortcomings (I was hoping for something that was completely different, but if something worked the first time, it’s bound to work again!)

Billboard also reports that Psy finished shooting the music video for “Gentleman” on Tuesday, so keep your eyes (and ears!) open for that inevitable dance routine. And if the new single fails to grab the same attention earned by “Gangnam Style,” there’s always the appeal of an international tour, which Psy will embark on after his YouTube-broadcast concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium on Saturday. Oh, and his concerts are no joke.

What do you think of “Gentleman”? Do you think Psy is destined to be a “one-hit wonder”? Tell us below!

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