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February 20, 2012  | by: Christopher Burns


If you are over 18, a fan of cheap whiskey and one night stands… you are doing yourself a serious disservice if you’re not already watching Showtime’s “Californication.”

The Dramedy centers around Hank Moody, television’s most lovable jerk-off. David Duchovny plays a hard drinking, blabber mouthed novelist with a penchant for beautiful women and screwing up long term relationships. He is not, however, a one sided Primetime character in the vein of Ashton Kutcher’s role on “Two and a Half Men.” Like many premium channel series, “Californication” is as much a laughable comedy as it is a product of true literary and artistic merit. Its episodes, though often crude, speak volumes about the human condition; specifically invoking ideas of broken spirits and the faith it takes to move beyond them.

It's Been One of Those Nights

Duchovny (yes that IS the guy from the X-Files), is wholly believable as a broken man with a huge sex drive. He is an admitted recovering sex addict, and it was even rumored that he developed the addiction while beginning his role as Hank Moody. While this problem has been manifesting for years, it is no surprise that he has such a mastery of his role as the womanizing author.

The show is now on its fifth season, and it isn’t showing signs of slowing up. Moody’s supporting cast includes his ex wife Karen (Natascha McElhone), daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin), best friend Charlie (Evan Handlerand), and his best friends ex, Marcy (Pamela Adlon). Each character, and more specifically the secondary characters not mentioned here, are interestingly placed to invoke emotion and create interesting dynamics amongst the cast of characters.

Its plot lines are interesting in that they act out real life situations which many view as too uncomfortable for Primetime TV. Its many stories include instances of statutory rape, love affairs with a mother and her daughter, and even more interestingly, the most honest and true to life father/daughter relationship on television right now.

Hank, His Ex Wife, and His Daughter

While the booze and sex filled show might turn some viewers off with its insensitive portrayal of what many view as intrinsically sensitive subjects, one cannot deny that “Californication” is well deserving of its brilliant critical reception. If you go into the first episode expecting sex and drugs and a few laughs, you’ll leave the episode with a much different opinion.

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