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June 11, 2012  | by: Abby Oladipo

The cast of the TLC show "Cake Boss"

If you loved Buddy Valastro’s cake creations on TLC’s reality show “Cake Boss”, then you’re in luck because those baked goods are heading to bakeries and stores across the US. The show about the family business made Valastro and his cakes a household name and Valastro wants to give his fans a taste.

The show “Cake Boss” which premiered in April 2009 and is currently in its fifth season, chronicles life at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ. The sweet treats will soon be expanding beyond Hoboken however as Valastro has made his cake recipes available so they could be mass produced. The cakes will be constructed from previous cake designs and recipes and are set to hit stores this summer. The first is said to be a two-layered cake called “Badda Bloom”, which features a chocolate and vanilla layer with a fudge layer covered in butter cream frosting with an assortment of flowers.

Valastro poses in front of one of his cake creations

While the cakes are being mass produced, Valastro isn’t planning on skimping on ingredients or taste. ”What makes me unique is my designs,” Valastro said. “We came up with the designs, using my exact ingredients and baking instructions, down to how many revolutions for mixing the batter. … I’m proud of this.”

Prior to agreeing to expanding, Valastro had reservations about mass producing his products. “I was a little like, ‘This is my baby. This is my name,’” he said. However after carefully crafting the cakes and the process, Valastro couldn’t find a distinction. “When they brought the last final prototypes, you couldn’t tell the difference between their cakes and mine. For me, that’s the biggest thing.”
The cakes are being made in a partnership between TLC and Dawn Foods and will retail for $27.99. Valastro also plans on adding cupcakes and fondant cakes to the line this summer.
Are you dying to get your hands on the Cake Boss’ cakes?
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