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December 09, 2011  | by: Ama Kwarteng

Burberry 2012

In the latest Burberry collection, designer Christopher Bailey takes us into the past: the 1930s to be exact. The pieces bring us back to the days of crisp, sharp, simple and chic fashions that overtook Britain many, many decades ago. But even with its vintage feel, Bailey still gives the collection a youthful, contemporary look.

Jackets and coats were the main pieces that filled the lookbook. From corduroy jackets to tweed jackets, the collection covers all styles. The coats were beautifully tailored and structured in classic Burberry fashion. They were worn with stunning belts that showed off the fitted waists on the coats. If my budget could afford it, I would instantly purchase a few of them. One of my favorites was a military-style jacket that was paired with a sweater that had a dog on it, black pants and black heels. Speaking of animals on sweaters, another look contained a sweater with an owl on it, which was worn with a knee -length, fitted brown tweed skirt.

Not only did the collection contain women’s looks, it also had menswear. The male looks worked perfectly alongside the female pieces and had many of the same styles. There were plenty of tweed and a few sweaters here and there. And the jackets were great. They were fitted well and made me wish there were more guys out there who would dress like this.

The color palette contained mostly dark hues — browns, charcoals, and grays. However, towards the end, we were graced with pops of color in the form of fabulous floor length dresses. There were four dresses and four different styles.  One was a pink/lavender color; the others were a bold yellow, an emerald green, and a ruby red.

The collection was absolutely gorgeous and elegant. If this is a sneak peek at the pieces that will be coming down the runway for Burberry in February, we are certainly in for a treat. To view the entire collection, click here.

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