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May 23, 2012  | by: Abby Oladipo

Bruce Jenner shows of one of his endorsements Photo by Jeff Minton

Following Sunday’s season seven premiere of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” it’s hard not to feel sorry for Bruce Jenner, who’s always thrust in the back seat while everyone else takes center stage. However, it’s Bruce’s time to shine as Esquire crowns Jenner “Father of the year” in its June issue.

Watching Jenner in the house full of girls who are always in the spotlight, it’s easy to forget that Jenner once had all eyes on him. The 62-year-old is an Olympic gold medalist, who won the decathlon in 1976 at the Montreal Olympics. Now, Jenner is best known as the unnoticed patriarch of the Kardashian family.

It appears that’s what Jenner wanted though as he tells Esquire “I’m done with competition….Going through what I went through, being that obsessed is not what I would consider a good, well-rounded life.”

That could be why he stays mum even when it’s obvious he’s being taken advantage of. When Jenner tried to retaliate in Sunday’s episode by proving no one cared about him or his opinions, it somehow turned into his fault and he got criticized for seeming uninterested in their busy lives.

Bruce Jenner with daughters Kendall and Kylie Photo by Jeff Minton

Jenner however didn’t fight back and took the reproach but tried harder. Forcing his youngest daughters Kendall and Kylie to give up the cellphones, he took them out— they talked. There, Bruce Jenner sprung into action and taught parents everywhere how best to converse with their kids.

After watching that, it’s not hard to see why Jenner deserves this honor. While his Olympic days are over, he still has the parenting skills.

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