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January 30, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Flickr (Surfstyle)


February the month of love and heart-sickening couples will debut the ultimate single girl Holly Golighty in a new way. The film in 1961 led Audrey Hepburn to become a style icon and as Emilia Clarke assumes the role on stage, style will triumph again. Here’s how to steal Audrey and Holly’s style secrets just in time for V-day.

In October it was announced that Breakfast at Tiffany’s will finally be showcased on Broadway. Emilia Clarke also known as Danerys Targaryen on the HBO hit “Game of Thrones” is set to play Holly Golightly with Cory Michael Smith as Fred. The costumes for the stage adaption are designed by Collen Atwoood, the Oscar winner who did the stylish looks of Snow White and the Huntsmen and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

It is no wonder why I am drooling over the images of Clarke in her Tiffany’s wardrobe below. I believe Clarke is about to become a new fashion icon if she continues to heed the style tips of her predecessors.

Jason Bell

Jason Bell


These images display simplicity at it’s finest. They also represent how feminine and demure a woman can appear by adding classic staples to her wardrobe.

Holly and Audrey uniform consists of:

Ballet flats. Ballet flats are comfortable and chic. Now offered in a variety of styles they look best when paired with skinny jeans or a flirty dress. So when in doubt skip the heels and put on a pair of flats and you will still look chic. Aldo shoes and Call it Spring offer great pairs at a reasonable price.

Turtlenecks. When I was younger I thought turtlenecks were a way of fashion trying to suffocate the wearer. Though as I get older I realize turtlenecks are great for snow and rainy days alike.  You can find great cotton and cashmere ones at Zara for a low price. They even have the style with a variety of sleeve length. You can go from a cap sleeve to full so you won’t have to feel completely covered.

Men’s Button Down. A personal style favorite, a crisp men’s button down is great for dressing up a pair of jeans or skirt. Easy to wear with out the fuss or tackiness of a graphic t-shirt you still look clean and classic while wearing it. Style makers like Rachel Bilson favor this style in white. You can find a great fit at J. Crew or The Loft.

Trench Coat. Trench Coats are great for spring and fall weather. They look great worn in unpredictable weather and flatter everyone’s body shape. Usually lighter than your average jacket it makes it easier to layer up with comfy sweaters or vests. You can find this style at Topshop

Little Black Dress. Every woman should have a little black dress, and tons of them. These dresses will come in handy on impromptu dates or when you have an event and feel as if you have nothing to wear. Black dresses also allow you to play more with your accessories. You can pair it with a patterned bag, a bright heel, or a long chain and still look like perfection.

You may not know yet what to wear for valentines day, or maybe your a bachelorette like Golighty, as long as you implement these timeless staples you will be the girl everyone wants to know and can’t stop talking about.

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