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April 08, 2013  | by: Jennifer Chien

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Even though Breaking Bad is about to end forever, it’s legacy will continue on with the new New Mexico law. 

According to Huffington Post, Governor Susana Martinez vetoed a bill that increases the “state’s rebate for series television production to 30% of a producer’s total qualified spend in New Mexico,” and “feature films will also be able to get a 30% rebate on resident labor if they use a qualified production facility, and 25% on all their other expenses”.

So what does this mean? (Kudos, if you read and understood above). Basically, the state is taking in account the unused funds in each fiscal year, which means filmmakers are able to collect additional funds in TV and movie production in New Mexico. Sweet!

The Emmy Award winning show was mainly produced in New Mexico, which coincidentally is responsible for the increased interest from tourists in Albuquerque. Though this new bill’s impact on history obviously cannot compete with world history or scientific discoveries, but this definitely impacts the entertainment industry in that the state’s new bill establishes the importance of the film industry to New Mexico, the very place that produced one of the greatest television series in history.

Breaking Bad returns for the second half of its fifth and final season July 15 on AMC, mark your calendars! If you still have never watched the very show that influenced New Mexico’s government, no worries because you have plenty of time to catch up in time for the world premiere!

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