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July 15, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (stevegrandfa)

Instagram (stevegrandfa)


Have you heard the latest country sensation Steve Grand’s debut single, “All-American Boy”? The first openly gay country star has been making major waves on YouTube with the release of his first music video, a video which is filled with partying, fireworks and adds a new tang to the meaning of sexy.

Did somebody order a revolution? ‘Cause we’ve got it, right here!

Certainly, Grand is not the first musical newcomer to go public with being a member of the LGBT community, reminding ourselves of Frank Ocean’s 2012 Tumblr confession. However, for someone who has had very little publicity, the guy’s already gaining massive praise on YouTube with this first video receiving nearly 1.2 million views and over 30,000 likes within its first week:

The video takes place in the good ole’ outback where all great love stories transpire. However, instead of the usual boy-girl unrequited romances we have always been shown, Grand plays the leading man who has a crush on his apparently straight comrade.

Aside from Grand’s unbuttoned shirt revealing his beautiful chest, there’s an intimate skinny dipping scene where he and his love interest bless us with the silhouette of their bare bods. During this scene, for a split moment, the two characters share a kiss, which sends the love story reeling with all sorts of emotions.

I know I’m gushing over the video details, but it’s just too cute to resist! Grand’s voice makes me blush and I think his song’s perfect for us guys out there needing that spirit-lifting tune, one with lyrics we can actually familiarize with: “He smiles, his arm’s around her but his eyes are holding me/Just a captive to his wonder.” The soft pianoforte playing in the background blends well with his voice, and the love story behind the lyrics is definitely authentic.

Even though I really find this tune charming, and even innovative, I cannot imagine it immediately being accepted by radio stations. Then again, its a possibility. Fellow musicians of the LGBT community such as Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga have created radio-friendly hits while writing lyrics that express their sexual orientation as well. The track is mellow and not protruding enough to the point where it makes the common listener uncomfortable. If country fans are as open-minded as I’d imagine them to be, this could be an incredible breakthrough for the better!

Way to go, Grand!

How do you feel about his new video and its promoting of openly-gay country musicians?

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