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October 04, 2010  | by: Karine Idrissi

Stripes for Love Magazine Autumn 2010 by Doug Inglish

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Edie Sedgwick are all women who have influenced fashion in a phenomenal way and still continue to shape the creations of today’s runways. Another great woman to add to this list of visionaries is Brigitte Bardot. Her relevance in today’s fashion world is undoubtedly seen in a number of campaigns and editorials throughout the world.

Most recently, London’s Love Magazine hired Doug Inglish to photograph Latvian supermodel Ginta Lapina (who is the new face for Miu Miu) for their fall 2010 issue and in true Rachel Zoe fashion, she styled the photo shoot in a way that exuded the beauty that was Brigitte Bardot circa the 1950’s. The bodacious Bardot is known for her natural beauty and effortless approach to fashion which is so exquisitely translated in Love Magazine`s Autumn issue. There is an unmistakable warmth and luxury to each picture that is reminiscent of Bardot’s exhilarating career. The use of furs and large knits allows readers to embrace the fall season that is upon us with grace and glam.

Ginta Lapina for Love Magazine Autumn 2010

Furs & Knits, Fall MUST DO. Doug Inglish for Love Magazine

Furs for Fall by Doug Inglish

Love Magazine is known for their avant-garde and promiscuous photo shoots so it seems only natural that they would want to feature an editorial that is indicative of such an influential woman. Bardot began her modeling career when she landed the cover of ELLE Magazine in 1950; putting her on the radar of young filmmaker and future husband Roger Vadim. Her budding film career allowed  her to frolic amongst France’s most prominent and elite intellectuals of the time, in turn making her much more than just a pretty face. She became the subject of writer and feminist Simone de Beauvoir’s 1959 essay “The Lolita Syndrome”, which paints Bardot as being a “locomotive of women’s history”. She goes on to describing her as being the first and most liberated woman of post-war France (Thank you Wikipedia).

Fashion enthusiasts always seem to wonder where the god’s of the runways find their inspiration, it is from women like Brigitte Bardot who have paved the way for styles and trends that grace magazine covers and our wardrobes alike. They were the pioneers of innovative fashion and have shaped the designers and tastemakers of today.

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