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March 24, 2011  | by: Cynthia Almanzar

Paz de la Huerta

Hollywood ladies either know how to keep it classy or they don’t. “Boardwalk Empire” star Paz de la Huerta was arrested Tuesday for allegedly getting into a fight with reality TV star Samantha Swetra from “The City.” Coincidentally, Lindsay Lohan was in attendance as well.

According to TMZ, everything went down at a party being held at The Standard Hotel in New York City. De la Huerta threw a glass of wine on Swetra and then punched her in the face.

The reason for the fight?

Swetra’s male companion. The reports become a little conflicted on this detail, though. Some say De la Huerta was hitting on the guy and Swetra got defensive. Others say the guy was the one to hit on De la Huerta and Swetra made a comment on De la Huerta’s drunken state. Said comment sent De la Huerta in a violent rage that ended with Swetra on the floor.

But, here comes the sinker. Some pieces of glass were lodged into Swetra’s leg and none other than Lindsay Lohan came to her aid. Lohan was attending the party as well. I sure hope Lohan wasn’t getting her drink on.

TMZ reports that De la Huerta  received a desk appearance ticket and has to go back  to court on April 18. On her part, Swetra was seen leaving with her lawyer the day after the fight. I smell a lawsuit coming!

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