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February 19, 2011  | by: Lauren Barber

Blink 182

After disappearing for almost eight years, Blink 182 is officially back in the studio and expected to release a brand new album this summer! I was a little nervous for a while, especially after they went on “indefinite hiatus” in 2005. Let’s not forgot the tragedies the band has overcome recently – between the death of producer Jerry Finn and Travis Barker’s plane crash in 2008, it’s surprising they decided to start recording again at all. They’ve weathered through the storm, though, and have already recorded five complete, album-ready tracks!

The three members of the band have all been doing their own thing lately, working on their own solo projects. They decided to get together for a reunion album and it is expected out next June or July.

Travis Barker told MTV about the new project, saying, “I think we’ll turn in our album in June or July, honestly, and, I mean, the stuff’s awesome. It’s coming close, to the point where these are completed songs and they’re not going to change. These are album versions.”

I know I’m not the only fan excited for the new album. It’s been way too long since I’ve rocked out in my bedroom to anything newer than “All the Small Things.” I grew up listening to this band, greatly influenced by my older brother’s music tastes. Now, years later, Blink 182 is still a classic staple during any summer road trip or house party. I can’t wait until we all have new stuff to add to our playlists.

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