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April 22, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

Big K.R.I.T Live

To soothe the elevated souls of concertgoers on 4.20, Big K.R.I.T did a show at Atlanta’s Center Stage/The Loft venue. He was supposed to be accompanied by LA’s Dom Kennedy, but due to some financial discrepancies, Dom was a no show. (Not to mention after he got a little spicy on twitter to some of his fans from the Atlanta area.)

However, the show went on. With the place still packed, K.R.I.T came on the stage and immediately grabbed the hearts of everyone in the place.

Besides his lyrical ability, the most appreciated part about K.R.I.T is his authenticity, which he shows no signs of compromising while in the rap game.  Fans of all kind were there, from the college kids of every shade to adults with their significant others.  They all came to see K.R.I.T.  He came out on stage chanting “It’s the return of foreva” with immediate crowd participation. Rocking his Mississippi emblem around his neck, he jumped out into the crowd and fans swarmed around him helping him rap his song. K.R.I.T got back up on the stage, out of breath, and laughed, “Man I forgot how hard that shit was.”

From observing the looks on the faces of those in the crowd, the people looked happy. It was like you could feel every word K.R.I.T spit in the core of your being.  The DJ would silence the instrumental and K.R.I.T would go in on those seconds of silence.  Being in the “A” added that dirty south dimension to the show — the crowd went wild when the beat dropped for “Country Shit.”  I can’t tell you how many people said, “he was so real” when the concert was over. The show was a little bit short, but it was due to the fact that Dom was supposed to come. It was all good. One of my favorite concerts ever!

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