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April 13, 2013  | by: Jara Montez



Sorry to all the misanthropes out there, but your favorite person has done it again.

Justin Bieber dropped the visuals to his single “All Around the World” Friday afternoon on Twitter, whilst traveling on his world tour. Snaps for multi-tasking. The video revolves around his various concerts, fan interactions, and cities he’s encountered, so fittingly, all around the world.

Amidst all the National Geographic-like scene shots, tears upon tears upon tears, and excessive amount of crotch handling, there is a lot to be learned from these four minutes. Here are all the things we leaned from Bieber’s video:

1. Beliebers are the most threatening entity in the world right now.

Over the past years, society has developed a pretty solid concept of the “Belieber.” Whether it’s from personal experience (don’t be shameful), getting stuck in traffic not realizing that he’s in town for a concert, seeing 99% of the trending topics center around him, or just knowing how fragile teenage girl hormones are. If you’ve never actually seen Beliebers in action, this video provided you with more than you need to know.

BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS, THESE GIRLS ARE BESERK. Overly dedicated doesn’t even begin to describe this new breed of humans.

– For future reference, here’s a few ways on how to spot a Belieber:

– Usually wearing those irritatingly played out non-prescription hipster glasses.


– There’s never just one. They travel in packs ranging from six to 37 million.

– If his face isn’t plastered on their shirt, then it’s a clever line from on of his songs written in glitter and neon markers.

– Heaven forbid you slander him. They will find you, and end you. (Drake Bell…).

2. He loves his fans. And studs. And monochromatic ensembles. But most importantly, his fans.

With the amount of car chases, you’d think we were watching a 007 flick.

With the amount of ogling through glass, you’d think we were at the zoo.

With the amount of tears, you’d think you were looking at my face while watching the season finale of “Lost”.

Instead, it’s just Justin…driving down the street…SHROUDED IN BELEIBERS. Talk about moths to a flame. But, he puts on a smile and takes time to give the girls some photo ops, a few signatures, and flash that gosh darn smile. Most likely, for good publicity, but we’d all like to believe he genuinely loves people.

3. Some things never change

If you’ll recall, Bieber and Ludacris have paired up before. Their crossover hit, “Baby” solidified Bieber’s stand in the pop culture realm, and thrust Bieber into a universal superstar. Seeing the duo back together elicited a few memories from the video released three years ago (don’t you feel old).

For one, his dance moves have elevated to new levels. No more swirly arm gesticulation. We’ve moved on to fancy footwork. Lots of it.But other than puberty taking over, Bieber’s nature has all but changed.

We’ve still got the simple, yet incredibly catchy, three to four word choruses, overdose in cuteness with the close up isolation shots of his smile, and all the fun that comes with Bieber videos (except for “As Long as You Love Me”. That’s a tad depressing). So with all the drama, break-ups, make-ups, and monkeys, Justin is always going to be our favorite.

Cuz all around the woooooorld. People want to be looooooved. Beat drops. **START RAVING** Are you already part of the world of Beliebers? Or are you secretly obsessing over him, you little Helga G. Pataki.

Check out the video below:


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