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April 26, 2013  | by: Lisa Lefever
Twitter (@jusxyicons)

Twitter (@jusxyicons)


Justin Bieber has been on quite the emotional rollercoaster lately. From loosing his monkey pal to possibly rekindling a relationship with ex-lover Selena Gomez, I’m not sure how much more excitement Beliebers can handle.  Rumor has it that some young fans shed tears when news spread that allegedly Bieber was getting back together with Selena and had also gotten her face tattoed on his arm. Now, fans have another reason to cry because Bieber could be facing jail time again at the hands of Swedish authorities.

The Swedish police raided Bieber’s tour bus that was parked outside the hotel where he was staying after they smelled marijuana coming from inside. Spokesman for the police, Lars Bystrom, said that they found a small amount of drugs — he denied to identify the drug — and another unexpected item while Bieber was perfoming in Stockholm. Once again, we learn that Bieber may or may not like to spark a blunt on his tour bus. Can he just come out and admit it already?

Bystrom said the other suspicous item found on the bus was a stun gun. Yes, a stun gun! What could Bieber need a stun gun for?!

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I’m a little worried about the pop singer. His crazy attire — Did you see the Chanel mask and fedora he was spotted wearing? — and erratic actions — one word paparrazzi — have been gaining a lot of attention lately, but now Swedish authorities are claiming he had a stun gun and drugs on his tour bus. What’s next for Bieber? He certainly keeps people talking that’s for sure.

When are Beleibers going to stop believing? What do you think? Has fame gotten to him? Let us know what your think! Tweet @emblue.

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